Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Little Time, Little Makes...

Whenever time is tight, it's always great to have 

some small projects to work on....

Like a bee block for Linda...

I hope I have the right shade of green!?

"Stacked Blocks" is its name!

I've made a couple of iron cord holders....

Not so attractive, but very practical.

thanks Mel for the tutorial!

This will turned into something useful soon.....

And as part of the Zakka Along 2.0::

 "Patchwork Please!"


a Pepper Coaster....

And of course there is always enough time for some 

on-line fabric shopping...

Quite an eclectic mix, hey?
I have been working on some other small projects 

which I will be revealing soon!

What do you like to do with just a little time?

Happy days!



  1. Love the potholder! And great idea about the iron cord, and so much gorgeous fabrics!

  2. That coaster is too cute! Lovely makes Susan.

  3. I love the bee block! I am getting that book and I have seen so many things made from now, I can't wait to get it!

  4. Ha ha! Yes, eclectic fabrics - I love them! Your bee block is super but what really caught my eye was the iron cord tidy. That is genius!

  5. Beautiful fabrics - love the feathers.

  6. Online fabric shopping as a small it! My next batch of small projects are likely to include Mod Podge and fabric.

  7. Too cute! That iron cord holder is a great idea--but then, you always have such great ideas. And I have that pin, too--Hot Stuff! (that's you!)

    Elizabeth E.

  8. I like to take a nap with just a little time! LOL! I love the potholder! Oh my goodness, I need to get crackin' on that stacked block. I need some ash first though!

  9. Seems you went fast forward on the slow sewing!

  10. Your bee block is very cute, and love your coaster!

  11. gorgeous fabric choices, and I love your pepper (capsicum!)

  12. cute! I like your stacked block!

  13. With a little time I like to catch up on blogs or emails, flip through books (quilting or otherwise) or grab my camera for a twirl around the garden....

  14. Cuteness! Except perhaps the iron cord holder but eminently practical!

    I made.....a pepper coaster but intend to make something else with it. And more baby Bear Paws! Run out of bonus triangles - boo hoo!

  15. Small is good! Lovely fabrics in the block and your something useful soon.
    Have fun with the new purchases!

  16. small projects really help, don't they? Your pepper turned out great - and that bee block. Used every lime and strawberry I had!

  17. I am spending this evenings little time catching up with emails & blogs with tea and flapjack!

  18. I just finished my coasters. Yours looks lovely. and I like those stacked boxes, too

  19. I seem to waste my time a lot lately!
    The second half of the year I will be trying to make up for all the lost time during the last 6 months.
    I'm glad you keep yourself busy and produce lots of gorgeous things.

  20. I always think that you get so much I know use your time so wisely!!


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