Sunday, December 30, 2012

Pip's Playground....and a winner!

It was great to get one last quilt finished before the 

end of the year!

Presenting "Pip's Playground"....

I held onto my stash of Sherbet Pips for a L.O.N.G 


But now its finished I love it!

I chose a fairly simple quilting design....

I did some straight lines first and then my standard 


It has a Christmassy, winter feel to it.....

I really love the effect of the back too...

I chose a spotted binding...

It looks quite at home on one of my lounge chairs...

Final dimensions- 48" X 66"

-perfect snuggling size!

And finally, what you are all waiting for...

The winner of my 'flying geese' tote is.....

(0h, where did the number go? It was there before....)


and she said....

I have emailed her...

(I must look out for that fabric suggestion; its not one 

I am familiar with.)

Thank you to everyone for sharing their plans for 

2013- tackling the UFO pile was popular-

and the fabric you are holding out for- 

"Glimma" and "Architextures" are now on my list too!

Happy days!



  1. Lovely finish to end the year on. And congratulations to Cindy.

  2. Looks great! I like how you left the prints with people in big chunks - and I really really love the back. Lucky Cindy!

  3. Congratulations Cindy!

    Also, this quilt is adorable - I *so* do love that fabric line ... and this simple design is certainly a great choice to highlight the fabulous graphics in the patterns!! A great addition to your collection Suz!! Hugs!

  4. It's a great finish - it is one of the nicest Pips quilts I have seen and certainly does have a wintery feel to it. Happy snuggling....or is it a little hot for that right now?

  5. Hi, lovely quilt:-)
    A big hug from Italy, Emanuela

  6. Congrats to Cindy. Nice finish, cute quilt.

  7. I really like your latest quilt - very soft spoken and perfect for taking a quick nap :)

  8. Wow! It must feel good to have a finish before the New Year! And what a finish! It is fabulous....I love the colors in this quilt! You are so right...the back is great with the piecing and the quilting. Congrats Cindy! I am going to try to hold out for Denyse Schmidt's new line before I make any big fabric purchases!

  9. Your quilt is wonderful, the grey border really makes the rest of it shine. It is a wonderful finish for the year and congratulations to Cindy.

  10. I love your quilt, so glad you were able to have a last finish of the year!

  11. Beautiful quilt! How fun to have a lovely finish for 2012!

  12. I love Aneelas fabrics. Your quilt is lovely. Congrats Cindy ; )

  13. Love your Pip quilt!! The red squares sparkle. Congratulations to Cindy!!

  14. Congratulations Cindy!
    I have my Sherbet Pips waiting for the perfect project too - love what you did with yours.

  15. Absolutely love your quilt. I'm still holding on to FQs of Sherbet Pips as I couldn't think of what to make with it. This design shows it off perfectly. Congratulations to Cindy.

  16. Congrats to Cindy.
    Lovely lovely Pips xxx

  17. My first win! Woo excited. Thank you for such a lovely gift.

    Love your Pips quilt. I have a love affair with Aneela's fabrics...made two quilts so far with different ones. My Pips quilt was the first. How can you not smile when seeing that fabric? Great job.

  18. This is a lovely way to end the year. This is a delightful quilt. Great way to use those gorgeous fabrics.
    I think the back looks great as a quilt on its own, too!
    Enjoy the New Year!

  19. What a fabulous back! Sherbert Pips is a beautiful range - love those colours together.

  20. congratulations to the winner. Lucky girl who gets one of your makes. The quilt is so cute and I really like what you did with the corners!

  21. Love this quilt Suz, great binding!

  22. Such clever use of these fabrics! Love the scarf print as frames.

    Happy New Year to you and yours!

  23. Is there a pattern or tutorial for this quilt? My daughter wants to use her stash of A Walk in the Woods for her own quilt!!


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