Monday, December 31, 2012

2012, in review!

With only a few hours to go until 2012 is history I wanted to review my year...


(in no particular order)

1.   Summer Stars Quilt
2.   Confetti baby Quilt

3.   Crossroads Quilt

4.   Castle Tiles Quilt

5.   Rainbow Pies Quilt

6.   Monika's Mini Quilt

7.   Bricolage Quilt

8.   Sunnybrook Farm Quilt

9.   Hucklebuck Runner

10.   Sea Glass Wall Hanging

11.   Do Small Things Wall Hanging

12.   Little Pink Baby Quilt

13.   Charming Baby Quilt

14. Pip's Playground

Everything else...

1. final, 2. Foundation pieced gift boxes, 3. Drawstring bag, 4. Option 2, 5. Option 1, 6. Zakka Message Board, 7. MQPS, 8. Placemats, 9. Book Bag, 10. Book bag, 11. Zip Organiser, 12. Zakka pencil case, 13. Zakka Style pin cushion, 14. In his Bunny Bag!, 15. Zipper pouch, 16. Practice Pouch

and probably a few things I've forgotten about....

like this pouch,

or these pouches...

or this cushion,

or these potholders...

not to mention the blocks 

for the Modern Stitching Bee!

I feel I have had a productive year......

I look forward to seeing everyone's review for the 

year too!

Bring on 2013...

I'm already writing my list, starting with UFO's like....

Happy New Year everyone and thanks for being my 




  1. WOW you were really really busy this year, and focused!!!!!!!!!!
    Happy New Year, looking forward to seeing more of your amazing work, there are so many of yours from this year that I love, can't wait to see what 2013 will bring.

  2. You've had a fantastic year! What an incredible amount of beautiful finishes. Happy 2013!

  3. you were busy xx Hope next year is as productive xx

  4. Fantastic makes! I can't believe all you accomplish and work full time! You are amazing! Everything you make is perfectly pieced...and the fabrics and colors so thoughtfully chosen. Happy New Year, susan!

  5. Goodness! Fourteen quilts and then more stuff!? Way to go! Isn't it fun to review one's accomplishments, especially when it feels like you've been slugging through projects? I'm impressed with your work. It's beautiful!

  6. A very productive year indeed Susan and such fabulous results. The quilt show was amazing. Happy New Year!

  7. Each quilt is so lovely, nice to see them all together here. The same for the rest. I wish you the best new year yet.

  8. Now that's what you call productive! Well done, especially for getting all those quilts done!

  9. Productive? YES! You have been a mini sweatshop down under. All your makes are beautiful.
    I wish you and your family a very blessed and healthy New Year.
    xoxo di

  10. So many and such a lovely variety of quilts. Love all your makes, and thank you for being my friend!

  11. OMG you are prolific. I LOVE summer star must get myself organised and do one.

  12. Wow - you made sooooooooooooooo much!
    What's it like in 2013???
    Happy New Year my friend xxx

  13. Wow, you had such a creative year. Hope 2013 is wonderful for you

  14. Fantastic year! I'm sl glad I met you this year :o)

  15. This is a great collection of projects. Very impressive for one year.
    Look out, 2013.

  16. Such a wonderful year full of lovely makes!

  17. Happy New Year!!!

    Congratulations on such a productive 2012! Lots of beautiful work there!

  18. I just love seeing all of your beautiful projects, Susan. Wow, I am sooo impressed at all you have made and know that you work full time, also. I want to be just like you when I grow up!!

  19. Wow, I hadn't seen half of your gorgeous projects - amazing! Happy New Year - hope 2013 is a great one :-)

  20. Amazing Suz! And of course I love my pouch!!! Happy new year!

  21. What a great year you've had!! So many amazing projects. All your work is really wonderful, I can't wait to see more in 2013!

  22. What an amazing year!! Great quilts and projects - well done you! Looking forward to seeing what 2013 brings!

  23. All your work is just fabulous! So much inspiration!

  24. Such an impressive array of beautiful work. I'm in awe and inspired! Some day I hope to be nearly so skilled, creative, and productive!

  25. Oh, I thought I had a productive year!
    You are a one woman quilting machine!
    Happy New Year xx


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