Saturday, December 15, 2012

Day One of my Holidays (Stay-cation)!

No, its okay, I am not going to blog about every one 

of my 46 days 

off until the new school year starts!

But Friday was a happy day, so indulge me!

I went into the city to my favourite shop, L'ucello-

Lots of treasures imported from France, including Sophie Digard!

...the sights and smells of Christmas heaven!

I did make a small purchase....

Not sure what I will make with these tiny fabric   

squares, but they were too cute to leave behind!

This was a display in the Hopetoun Tearooms....

a popular stop for tourists to 

the Block Arcade in Melbourne!

The Jacaranda trees are in their full flowering 


I have been doing a little more secret sewing....

with plastic! 

That's a first!

Happy days!



  1. If you said you'd won the lotto i wouldn't be much more jealous!

  2. Enjoy every second of your time off. As a recently retired teacher I know how precious staycation time is!

  3. what great photos! the tree with little bears hanging on it! the 'apple' tree! the marmalade fabric and flowerhead pins. all so wonderful, makes me want to go shopping!

  4. Happy Staycation, Day 1.
    Those jacaranda trees are the prettiest color but make my eyes itch so bad.

  5. If you do more things as interesting as this day then you could blog about every day of the holidays!

  6. Oh you sound so happy and relaxed. Fab! Enjoy.

  7. What a really lovely start to your holidays. It sounds like you are really going to relax and enjoy your free time over the next month or so.

  8. Looks like a fun day! I theoretically like the idea of sewing with plastic, and then I remember you can't iron it, and it all seems too hard. Look forward to seeing what you've made when you can reveal it!

  9. A perfect way to start the holidays! I love those tearooms but I never knew about the fabric shop.

  10. Enjoy your holidays - looks like they have got off to a great start! Wish i could pop into that fabric store - looks amazing.

  11. This looks like fun! Wish I were there with I have the!

  12. Awesome start to the hols, enjoy!
    P.S. I'm sewing with plastic too at the moment - zippered cases. Snap!

  13. Next time you go shopping, give me a holler...I'd love to go with you!! LOL ;)

  14. I'll join Carla--we would have a blast together!!

  15. What a lovely day out! You visited all my favourite places too! I'm with Carla - would be a fun day out!


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