Wednesday, January 2, 2013

What are you wearing today?

If you live in the Northern Hemisphere, you might 

choose your warmest coat....

But if you lived in the Southern Hemisphere,

where in Melbourne, 

we are going to be experiencing a heat wave over the 

next week....

you might choose this white linen dress,

made from this pattern, 

My first two finishes for 2013!

And this is my first 'start' for the year...

Yes, I have jumped on the bandwagon of the

"Scrappy Trip Along"!

I was looking for a quilt that might use up some of 

my scraps...

Just as well, because these arrived in this morning's 


16 fat 1/8ths from Pink Castle Fabrics,

my prize for winning the Australasian section of the 

Travelling Pic Stitch Along!

Another 2 yards of delicious fabric!

Back to the scraps......

Happy sewing!



  1. Aren't they fun blocks?! Enjoy busting your stash

  2. This is a viral quilt along and so fun. I have 9 blocks finished, 22 all sewn strip pieced and ready to cut and pieced back together. Then I just need to cut for 5 more.
    The dress is lovely and looks comfortable. ANd the little coat, adorable. Is it an ornament?

  3. Your dress looks lovely and cool! It would be good for our weather in Qld too, I am so over summer already!
    I am trying to resist this QAL...LOL

  4. As soon as I finish reading blogs I am off to play with my scraps again ... 8 done and many more to go :o) Enjoy. Hugs

  5. I'm in love with your dress. So beautiful.

  6. I love the dress, the fabric is just beautiful. I have now made a couple of those blocks for a bee and it seems there will be more for me soon.

  7. enjoy the might need less sleeve on that dress is nice.......haven't had a day under 36 for the last week and not expected to be under 37 for the next week........with some 40's thrown in........I feel your pain........q

  8. enjoy the might need less sleeve on that dress is nice.......haven't had a day under 36 for the last week and not expected to be under 37 for the next week........with some 40's thrown in........I feel your pain........q

  9. Two finishes already?! How good are you?! Love the new project and those fabrics are gorgeous! So not looking forward to the coming heat.......

  10. What is that cute wee coat for I wonder?? I read through the tutorial for the strip pieced quilt block - but decided my strip piecing skills were a bit vague in the putting it back together stages (although it looks like yours have pieced up lovely) - do you have plans to make a quilt? or just a few blocks?

  11. Ok. Several things...that red coat is adorable and creative and I love it....I've looked at that dress pattern before...oh, please do a review....and, you are the 2nd person to mention that scrappy trip around the world to me in the last few hours so I guess I better go check it out!

  12. Love the dress, and the scrappy tripping is bound to be amazing too xxx

  13. Two finishes already, a great start to the year. I've been seeing those blocks pop everywhere, a fabulous way to use up your scraps.

  14. Love the red coat! Trying so hard to refrain from joining in the scrappy trip along:)

  15. Love the dress! The fabric is gorgeous, the pattern is great, and it looks just right for a heat wave. I guess your very pleasant summer is coming to an end temporarily. Might still be better than the gale force winds we are currently enjoying in Wellington! I have been trying to resist the scrappy trip along, because I have plenty of projects to be going on with, but I have given in, picked a bunch of fabrics and should have my first few blocks done tomorrow. Sigh. Looking forward to seeing how yours progresses.

  16. Very nice dress I am amazed at how productive you are.

  17. What a lovely dress! Though I would like that little red coat made in full size for me please. Enjoy your winnings and scrap cutting.

  18. Your linen dress looks nice and cool! Love the new scrappy block - everything looks great! You are off to a good start!

  19. Is the red coat an ornament from Posie gets Cozy? I was admiring a similar one the other day in her "store". Yours is so cute!

  20. Two finishes good for you and it's only the 2nd! Love that lickle coat I need one of them! Wouldn't fit but it's still gorgeous.! Fi

  21. What a fun win! I'm hoping to do some scrappiness too!

  22. Your linen dress looks lovely and cool.

    We're on the Hume Hwy making our way down to Melbourne, as I type. I'm hoping my IL's have the A/C cranked up high.

  23. We had a terrible heatwave this last summer. I don't miss it at all! Happy sewing with your scrappy trip along!

  24. Very nice starts and finished for this year.
    Good luck in the heat. We are already at the predicted 41 for today. But the house is cool so I can't complain.


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