Thursday, August 30, 2012

Of This and That.....

It doesn't get much more random than this for me....

given that my weeks, at the moment, 

consist primarily of work....

I did pick up another sweet little pair of 'antique' 


to add to my growing collection!

Cut out another 72 pieces for Jazz Hands #9.....

and finished up Dasher!

Just not sure where to go with this?


I also purchased this pattern that I have always 

wanted to make.....

...probably a long term project!

Linking up with Cindy @ Live a Colorful Life....

Live A Colorful Life

I hope to be back with some sewing soon....



  1. I sat here looking at that new pattern bug eyed and forgot what else I want to say. You make the pattern and I will sit on the sidelines and admire you for your ability!

  2. I agree, that pattern is awesome and I can't wait to live vicariously through you as you show us your progress! Much like Jazz Hands!

  3. I'm with Susan and Kristy about the awesomeness of that Georgetown pattern. Wowee, girl, it will be a showstopper and you will do it very well, I know!

  4. cute scissors, love the fabric for the jazz hands, adorable reindeer and I have no idea where to go with them and finally that pattern is freaking me out!! good luck :) xx

  5. Wowza! Susan I just purchased that pattern not long ago....all the way from your neck of the woods! We should do it together :) LOL! When we have some of these other WIP's out of the way!

  6. All great - can't wait to see the Georgetown in action!

  7. Fun scissors!! Are they still sharp? Dasher is so cute! A banner made with all the reindeer would be fun. I love Georgetown Circle blocks! I've got a pattern using them in a magazine that I want to make one day.

  8. Suz, I think that little dasher would nice on the front of a lined drawstring bag (if you don't know about it already, the pattern is EVERYWHERE). It makes a good gift bag as well as a practical bag for all kinds of purposes and can be made in various sizes.

    The Georgetown pattern looks fabulous but way beyond my current capabilities. I'll love watching it come together here.

  9. Such great looking scissors! Loving those fabrics for the Jazz hands blocks. I think Dasher would make a great addition on a table runner perhaps, or maybe a large stocking. =D

  10. Very fun stuff! I look forward to seeing how Jazz Hands progresses!

  11. Dasher is adorable! I have a thing for scissors,too!

  12. Oooh love the scissors and the pattern!

  13. Those little piles of jazz hands pieces look inviting. It will be fun to see them put together. Looks like boredom will not be a problem for you.

  14. Is that a paper pieced pattern? It looks amazing,

  15. I knew there was a trish Harper pattern I wanted to do--galaxy. This is kinda making me change my mind!

  16. Love that pattern...maybe one day, in the meantime I will sit with the others, on the sidelines and happily watch your progress.
    No idea where you should go with Dasher, are you up to stitching any more?

  17. that pattern looks so ambitious. If any one can do it, you can do it for sure.


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