Friday, August 3, 2012

Castle Tiles....

That is the name I have given my Echo quilt....

well, its just a quilt TOP at this stage!

I have had my "Echo" stash for such a long time, 

waiting til I found the perfect pattern!

And this is it!

 I based "Castle Tiles" on....

You might be able to see where I have made some of my changes to the pattern....

 this quilt from a recent Australian Homespun 


by Bec from Chasing Cottons.

(Should I make this quilt again, I would definitely 

make fewer HSTs and more flying geese.)

I was then on the hunt for the perfect solid! 

When Kylie @ Patchwork House told me it was called 

Castle Brown, I knew it would work!

I vacillated (great word, hey) between adding another 

border when it was this size (above)....

But because of these.....

Bias edges all the way round!

I did!

(The colours are not quite right in this early morning 


Now the hunt is on for backing....

 and quilting ideas?

It is not a big quilt by any means -57" X 71"-

but perfectly lap size!

I think my post-quilting photos will be better!

Happy sewing!



  1. This is just gorgeous. And the fabrics you chose to go with the prints are just perfect!

  2. Well, excuse me while I picked my chin up off the floor! This is a magnificent quilt! Echo is fantastic but the solid is absolutely, positively perfect!!! I am in love with the border and then the outer border was a great addition. You are amazing, Susan! Amazing!

  3. oh this IS perfection! Really really nice!!

  4. Wow!! This looks so fantastic! Love the brown fabric you use for the sashing and borders. It matches so well.

    Great name for a great quilt!!

  5. Great looking quilt - will have to put my thinking cap on regarding the quilting. Are you thinking something straight or something freemotion?

  6. This is really beautiful! I love the background fabric - it is just right for the Echo.

  7. Great choice of design for these lovely fabrics. Looking forward to seeing it quilted.

  8. Yay Suz, Its fabulous. I like the changes you made because I really like the strong graphic secondary pattern that the brown fabric makes.

  9. The fabric you chose is perfect. I think I would have eliminated those half-square triangles too. One less seem is one less by machine or by hand.

  10. What a stunning quilt top! Good luck finding the right backing!

  11. That is a cool quilt! Great fabric. Looking forward to the finish.

  12. It looks stunning to me.
    Look froward to seeing how you decide to quilt it in the end x

  13. Perfect! I have a tiny scrap of Echo that I'm hoarding for something special, but I wish that I had enough to emulate (or downright copy!)your quilt. I love the crosshatched fabric, it adds a really nice tone.

  14. You have quite the talent for combining fabric and design! Gorgeous!

  15. You have done one of my favorite fabrics lines proud! This is lovely

  16. I'm in love with Echo prints! I've been trying to re-build my set.
    Loving the pattern you went with it really shows them off! The border adds a really nice touch! (Can I have the quilt once your done? Lol Kidding!) =D

  17. Oh gosh Suz that is just gorgeous. It's fantastic and awesome too.

  18. Suz this is truly magnificent!! The pattern looks great and I love how you've adapted it. The fabrics really look amazing and that border fabric is gorgeous. I think quilting inside the blocks would be best so you don't detract from the pattern. It is beautiful!

  19. Wow... This is so gorgeous! LOVE the fabrics. I can't wait to see it quilted!!
    I really appreciate you popping over to my neck of the wood to say Hi after I found your delightful blog! Thank you also for the sound advice on my hexies and the quilting... I just bought a Moda jelly roll, so hoping to practice my quilting again very soon... Just need to find a nice pattern so I can get started!
    Have fun quilting your beaut of a quilt top!!

    Louise xx

  20. Suz...this is extraordinarily awesome...that background just makes it perfect!!

  21. What a beautiful qiult! You did such a wonderful job on matching the fabrics. Perfect!!!

  22. This is stunning! I would be tempted to put more Echo on the back but any kind of nice geometric or more of the Castle Brown would also be great.

  23. Lovely quilt fantastic fabrics.


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