Saturday, August 18, 2012


No, not wedding bells...

But a new quilt!

This was a pattern I won from Mary's Cottage Quilts 

Can you see the mistake?
I just spotted it as I up loaded the photo!

The border fabric is called "Chloe"- appropriate for a 

baby girl's quilt, don't you think?

The border reminds me of confetti so I am staying 

with that name...

So with backing and thread at the ready......

I guess I'll be finishing this one real soon!

Happy sewing!



  1. Super! Great finish. I can't see your mistake...keep it to yourself and no one else will either :)

  2. Turned out so cute! I don't see the mistake either! Love the name, it's perfect!

  3. hahahaa! I love it! I love the mistake...makes it special! I adore the colors and all those triangles. Is this very similar to the traditional Jacobs Ladder? I have always loved that pattern. How sweet, Susan.

  4. I didn't see the mistake until you pointed it out. Lovely quilt top.

  5. I would totally leave that non-conforming bit in, it has a certain attitude. It is a beautiful quilt, I love the colours.

  6. You have to stop pointing these things out - no one will notice if you don't! I had to look over every block before I found it, if that's any consolation.
    Another lovely girl's quilt -well done!

  7. I would never have noticed the "mistake" if you hadnt mentioned it. I like it though, it adds a surprise for those who are looking. Beautiful fabrics and a great pattern!!

  8. Such a fun quilt! I love the fabrics and the pattern shows them off well =D

  9. Very cute quilt. You shouldn't point out your mistakes I wouldn't have noticed it.

  10. I wouldn't have noticed either, and had to look hard to find it. I really like that you have one "liberated" block in there.
    That's a very pretty quilt top and lovely fabrics.

  11. I didnt notice either until you mentioned it then looking thoroughly I found it. A very wise sampler stitcher, when I told and shown her a mistake I had made, told me that whenever she stitches someone else's design she always makes a deliberate mistake because it makes it unique to her. She doesnt tell anyone where it is lol. I love the colours you've used and how the pattern is made up. X

  12. Took me ages to find the oopsie so I think it will be easily overlooked by all but you.

  13. Adorable fabrics, pattern and imperfection! I always like your style!!

  14. I see the mistake and love it the more for that! Am gonna try making my first quilt soon - got the fabric already. There'll be PLENTY of mistakes in mine - watch this space! xCathy

  15. Such a pretty quilt....and such a pretty name too!
    Helen x

  16. orange and pink are so stinkin' cute together!


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