Thursday, May 3, 2012

Always WIPS....

We all have WIPS, don't we?

Some of us just have more than others!

Here is a small sample of my current pile...

Firstly a sneak peak of a secret quilt I am making...

and all the 630 pieces cut!

Next, a pretty spotted fabric and pom-poms patiently waiting...

to be made into a cushion!

And finally, my fourth "Jazz Hands" EPP block is complete.....

I'm beginning to think how I might piece this together,

and what fabric I might use?

Like most, I flit between projects depending on my mood and the time available!

Time is tight today so I hand piecing more kite shapes.....

What are you sewing today?



  1. Is it sad that I am looking at your newest Jazz Hands and thinking - Did she use my scraps I sent here there? And if so does that make that block part mine??? HeeHee!

  2. I love your projects. The spotty pom poms look fun and those Jazz Hands are so jazzy!! The boy quilt sneak peek is enough to know it's going to be another fabulous Patchwork nPlay quilt.

  3. Gosh that secret project has some lovely fabric! And 630 pieces...yikes! Your Jazz Hands is so bright and happy! I can't wait to see what you decide to put in between. I am stitching the binding on my Point Me quilt. Yay!

  4. Love the EPP they look spectacular? - 630 pieces oh man that's a lot!

  5. I like everything I am seeing. Keep busy!

  6. loving your jazz hands blocks

  7. the jazz hands are so fantastic, i like making them too! yours are shouting with color and i love that.

  8. Great sneak! What an awful lot of pieces! How long did it take to cut those?
    Love the Jazz hands block =D

  9. Such nice, warm, looking fabrics in your "surprise project". Pompoms? Curious.

    I especially appreciate the amount it time it must have taken to cut all that fabric. I just marveled myself at how I'd underestimated the time it takes for the various steps in making a quilt. Good thing I didn't understand before I started or that fabric might be just sitting there yet!

    Can't wait to see what you're making now!

  10. they all look great... lots of pieces there.... I also like doing a bit of this... then a bit of that....

  11. Your Jazz Hands has such great fabric! Ah, WIPs. I think it is necessary--you have to have different projects to suit different moods, right?

  12. 630 pieces!!!!!!!! yikes.
    Love those jazz hands and the pom pom look so cute.

  13. Hear the loud clapping for jazz hands, it is looking fabulous. And that new sneaky peak those fabrics.

  14. Pretty jazz hands!! Pom poms and cushions just excite me :)

  15. Hello! I love your blog and your jazz hands! Sadly, I have had plenty of sewing time today but have not done as much as I could have. It was totally a mood thing! I did make some curtains for my living room though.

  16. i had to take a break from hand stitching today. i did a lot of hexies last night and then i stripped the paint off of a chair tonight. my poor hands are feeling tired and weak :(
    i'm dying to know what you choose to put between your jazz hands blocks. dying, i tell you!

  17. I love the fabric combo you have going on with the cars and I'm drooling over your PP blocks, love them!

  18. You have some great WIPS in your pics!. I especially LUV those brightly colored hexigon variations. Is there a pattern for these?

    WIPS or PIPS...feel like money in the bank to me. They "need" me to finish them. It makes me feel secure that I always have a project to go to =P


  19. I love the Jazz Hands block - yours are so pretty. Good job!


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