Sunday, May 27, 2012

Improvised Quilting!

I have never really felt comfortable with improvised 


So I thought I'd try my hand at improvised quilting!

Sort of a straight meander....

I just began sewing, left, down, back, right, across....

wherever my machine took me!

At least I can say this mini is finished!

Constructive criticism eagerly anticipated!

Happy sewing!



  1. Ooh I love this! It's so modern and striking! It's like abstract quilting art! ;)

  2. We all have to start somewhere, me included, to me you're very brave, I love it !!

    Peg x

  3. Your quilting is wonderful and perfect for that gorgeous little quilt!

  4. Looks fantastically modern Suz!!! I love how you just followed your instinct with this rather than sitting and working it all out to be 'accurate' or 'even'!! Hugs!

  5. Well done... I'm not sure I would dare to take on improv quilting. In fact all kinds of quilting freak me out. Maybe I ought to give this a try just to be more daring.

  6. It looks brilliant and I think that it is the right type of quilting for that mini. It accentuates all those angles. Well done.

  7. Great idea to try this out on a mini. You get to practice and the quilting is done too. Love the idea.

  8. No Criticism here! It is fantastic! Looks like your machine led you on the right path :)

  9. I can't even quilt properly, let alone improvised quilting! Have you got any tips for new quilters? my fabrics pucker and they end up being quilted folded over!

  10. It looks great! I love blue and grey together.
    The backing is a very different choice from some I've seen. Good to see more floral fabrics being used =D

  11. It looks very modern. It's good when you start something that you have never tried before and you end up with a finish. Was your mojo hiding under that quilt?

  12. I LOVE the design....all around a lovely to the backing!

  13. I love it, a great idea and it works really well with this quilt.


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