Tuesday, May 15, 2012


My latest quilt top, "Crossroads", is complete....

and can now be revealed!

It is a little more subdued than my usual style,

 (which has been given the MrPnP 'seal of approval')

It has been made with the recipients' tastes in mind!

I offered to test out a new pattern, released today by 

Elizabeth @

and added my own twist to it...

the black and white sashing strips are meant to 

represent a railway line or zebra crossing!

 The feature print is a cute car print linen surrounded by green (the grass), 

blue (the sea) and gold (the sand) fabrics!

This is one big quilt, measuring nearly 70 by  

86 inches!!

This will be given to family friends at Christmas!

It might take me that long to pluck up the courage to 

quilt it!

What's the biggest quilt you've tackled on your home 


Happy sewing!


(PS-I've changed the size of my font in my blogpost

-is it weird?)


  1. The quilt looks wonderful, Susan.

  2. This quilt is lovely....especially with the pops of sunny yellow! I just finished straight line quilting a 62X82 and that was plenty big for me!

  3. Oh I saw it staring over at DCMB earlier! And MrPnP is impressed - I am impressed!! xxx

  4. Love it.... I can't remember the biggest one I have made but it is not that size... very nice take on the pattern..

  5. Its lovely Suz. And quite big as well. Plenty of quilting in that project. I have not quilted anything that big before -only almost as big. I opted for straight lines because you can fold it up while quilting and it's quite handy.

  6. The quilt looks great! How fun to be a pattern tester!. Loving your choice of bold fun prints =D

  7. Your quilt looks great! I love the pedestrian crossing touch!

  8. The whole plan is so well thought out with great results. I admire anyone who can make a machine behave that well!

  9. It is a wonderful quilt, and I love the zebra crossings. I quilted a king size (105 x 109" or something) on my Horizon. I am sure you can do this one if you want to.

  10. This looks great. I like the way each fabric has a significance. Lovely gift.
    Good luck with quilting this big one! I have only gone as large as a single bed quilt.

  11. All I can say is BRILLIANT!!!! That quilt is brilliant! Love the stripe in it. The high contrast fabric draws your eye right in and moves you around the quilt. And only you could do those lines so straight. You are amazing Susan!

  12. first things first...I like the big font, it's great on these old eyes.
    I love the intersecting corners in your quilt and the fabrics you have chosen.
    The biggest quilt I have quilted at home was 80"x80"

  13. I like the bigger font too - not that it was too small or anything, but this is just a nice inbetween size. I've done 105x90" on my home machine. Once it's big, it doesn't really matter whether its big, bigger or biggest. Great quilt! Good luck with the quilting design.

  14. The font isn't weird, just bigger!
    The quilt looks great, I love how each part has a meaning so it tells a story. Good luck with the quilting, the largest I've ever done is single bed and it was hard work on my little machine (I just stuck to very basic grid so I didn't have to do anything fancy). But FMQ could be good as you only need to move one small part under the machine at any one time?

  15. Nicely done! My schedule this month didn't allow for pattern testing, but that sure sounded fun! Good for you!

  16. Looks great Suz!! ... Both the quilt, and the font!
    Having only just finished my first full quilt (yet to post, but will be soon...), the largest I have done came to 42x66in big ... basically a single-bed size. Good luck quilting this monster!!! I'm sure it will look wonderful!!!

  17. It's is gorgeous!! It looks utterly perfect and I try not to think about quilting the big ones, it's a tough job!
    I tried the bigger font but I think I write too much!! It looks good here though :)

  18. It's fabulous Suz!! Great fabric choices, I love the stripes. I've machine quilted a few quilts around the 80x85 mark, that's the size I like for our bed. It's hard work and I've found a lovely longarm lady so I'm just going to quilt smaller ones from now on. I like the font size, it works well.

  19. I love this quilt! It's so bold and bright

  20. What a great quilt, Suz! I had the privilege of meeting Elizabeth at the Modern Meet Up in Kansas City last night. She was so friendly and nice, of course!


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