Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Cuts Both Ways

Do you have a favorite pair of scissors?

These are certainly mine!

Whether it is on the couch while I embroider or paper piece in the evenings.

Or by the sewing machine.

These get a great deal of use.

 My new Juki sewing machine does, however, have an auto cutter so they are a bit more neglected there!

These were my dear mother's scissors she faithfully used for many years.

I don't use them much but they are nicely weighted and I love knowing that her hands held them.

These are my everyday scissors (with the red handles) and the little 'snippers' are a remnant of a clothing 

business we used to have.  

And finally this is my cute little stitch ripper!

He reminds me of my German heritage somehow!

And of course my faithful Olfa rotary cutter!

What are your favorite cutting implements?

Have a happy day!


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