Sunday, September 12, 2010

Pies and Tarts

Only time for little bits of sewing this week!

So finished a row of pies for my "Pies and Tarts Quilt-

I do like pink and green together.

And aqua and hot pink!

This quilt has served a couple of purposes-

i.  Improving my paper piecing skills - I had never done it before I started this about two years ago!

ii.  And it is a great opportunity to experiment with color.

This one looks a little washed out - it is orange and aqua, another favorite color combo.

But I think I am over this now.

I have cut out the last set of tarts which I hope to get together quickly.

Then to the quilting!

Just not sure what I will do ???

Suggestions on quilting a Pie and Tarts quilt, gratefully received!

Have a happy day,



  1. I have these Templates in my to 'Do List'..yours are coming along Great...looking forward to seeing them all together...

  2. About all I can suggest is: I suggest you feel very pleased with yourself. I really like the look of these blocks and I bet they are spontaneous and exciting when put together.

  3. Ohhh I am doing this one too!! Started a little later then you.

    So far... 23 blocks done? It's addicting!! I LOVE LOVE playing with the colour!


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