Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Zig Here, A Zag There

First, some patchwork!

I started this quilt earlier in the year!

I have long admired the strong graphic nature of zig zag quilts.

So I decided to make one, using this 'short-cut' version.  It is made from carefully placed rectangles, 

rather than the usual triangle method!

I wanted something bold and vibrant, so I gradually added to my stash.

Orange and turquoise!

The colors looked a little washed out here.  Maybe I should try taking some shots outside, if only we could manage a sunny day!

Anyway this has been languishing in the 'must finish' pile.

And now it is - QUILTED!

I am very pleased to say I have done all the machine quilting myself, using the KISS method!

Just need to get it bound!

It will be going to a new home soon as a wedding present for some work friends!

And now some play!

Maybe this is where my love for ZigZag quilts comes from!

The clown hats worn by Zig and Zag (circa 1960) - Melbourne, Australia

Have a happy day!



  1. A striking quilt and I thoroughly approve of the KISS method - it is usually my choice when I am quilting. Happy stitching!

  2. I am intrigued what is the KISS method of quilting? The quilt looks great.

  3. That's the 2nd zigzag quilt I've seen today. Must be a sign that I have to make one.

  4. I love the blue wavy print, looks like water flowing down. Nice quilt:)


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