Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Night and Day....

In the evenings,  I'm hand quilting this...

And in the day....

when time allows,

I'll be working on this!

Basted on tables for the first time!

Happy sewing!


Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Delilah-a progress report

There has been little time for sewing in my life 


except for my Delilah blocks!

Even these have been made for a couple of weeks...

I tried to make one scrappier than the other....

in a hope to control the fussy nature of this quilt!

I have heard that there are many 'filler' blocks 


so tonight I got started on some 3.5" pinwheels!

I'm counting the days until our 3 week, mid-year 


when I might just sew, and stitch and share!

Happy days!


Thursday, June 1, 2017

Scrappy Stepping Stones

I thought I'd do a follow-up of my latest quilt!

I found a photo of a scrappy quilt on Pinterest that 

sparked my interest, which lead me here.

But as there were no measurements, I worked out 

my own.

Maybe you'd like to make a Scrappy Stepping Stones 

quilt of your own....

I started with 2.5" squares,

making fifty 16-patch blocks...

I cut 49 white pieces from 1.3 metres of white, 

tone-on-tone fabric

and you need another 8 side pieces, of 4 squares 


This will make a quilt that measures 68" by 72"

I may still put a white border around the outside....?

If you have any further questions please don't 

hesitate to add a comment to this blogpost!

Happy sewing!


Monday, May 29, 2017

Simply New....

As promised I have started a new and simple 

patchwork project!

I started cutting out 2.5" squares from my scraps 

about eighteen months ago...

So I decided it was time to dive in and go for it....

making 16-patch blocks....

I need 50 of these for the plan I have...

an idea I saw on Pinterest...

And here it is waiting to be pieced together!

I hope to get it together this week sometime.....

Happy sewing!


Friday, May 26, 2017

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Mastering the Curve...

I seem to have done a lot of curved piecing recently!

That is a sure fire way of improving at a skill...

#2 from Month 1

The second month of the "Delilah" BOM had more...

One rather scrappy,

and the other with fewer fabrics and 

a centre made from on whole fabric piece.

I'm happy to know that month 3 is much more 

straight forward,

well straight at least!

Group shot

And my New York Beauty quilt needed one last block

to make it up to the even two dozen.

I've decided to sash each block in black,

primarily to make it a bit more useable size.

For my next quilt,

I'm definitely making something simple next!

Happy sewing,


Sunday, April 30, 2017

Oh Christmas Tree I love you!

I love everything about this quilt!

I wonder if that has to do with the relative ease it 

came together!

Yes it was a lot of work, but I had no real problems 

with it from start to finish...

Well, maybe these were a challenge- I don't do wonky!

Even the machine quilting, which initially I thought 

was horrid, 

seemed to relax, with the stitches meshing into the 


Hand quilting at Christmas 2016

After making over 80 quilts, I always struggle with 

finishing the binding.

This time I used this tutorial - I did it the first time, 

and got a perfect finish!

I remembered to prepare and add the label while

attaching the binding.

I did stars in amongst the swirly quilting

Thank you Elizabeth for starting me on this journey!

Ok, enough of the teasing progress shots....

Here it is...

Mr PnP obligingly helped with the photo shoot today!

These photos were taken outside the school I work at...

I couldn't find any Christmas trees for a back drop, 

so these topiaries will have to do...

Now I just need to think about whether I store this 

away til December, 

or display it somewhere to look at everyday!

I'd love to know what you do, 

Elizabeth or Wendy?

They ran an awesome QAL last year,

and made beautiful quilts here and here!

Finished details:

Pattern by Wendy Williams
Machined pieced and hand appliqued
Machine and Hand Quilted
Final Size: 54" x 63"

Happy sewing!

Friday, April 28, 2017

A Bee for the Queen Bee!

Rachel is the Queen of May-

well, Queen Bee of our Gridster Bee for May!

As she is away for much of May, she released her block early!

It is foundation paper pieced 

from the Piece by Number website...

so I made a sample block first!

It will be 6" finished.

But Rachel wanted hers to be 10" with a purple 


I found the perfect fabric in my stash with bees on it!

Here are the two blocks together....

I still need to embroider the antennae on Rachel's 


I am making an extra block for each month of the bee,

 to make my own sampler quilt...

I'm loving this so far,

and am looking forward to seeing the future bee 

block choices!

Happy sewing!

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