Monday, April 1, 2024

And moving on....

 With grandchildren poised to arrive at any moment, 

The hexie shape with two triangles was added.

I thought I'd give a quick update on my latest start. 

It might be a while til I get back to it....!

A black and white version to check tonal balance

It's now called "Violet Crumble" after the iconic 

Australian honeycomb candy bar.

The quilt is constructed in diagonal rows, pinning 

carefully at points of the triangles.

Yes, I like a challenge!

I still have the long centre rows to join...

but it's fun to see the star shapes appearing.

Hopefully, I'll be back soon with the flimsy complete!

Happy sewing!



Dora said...

How did you figure the size to cut the triangles?


Kim said...

You certainly do like a challenge, Susan. Your pretty is looking gorgeous. Have the best time with your grandchildren.

OPQuilt said...

This will be another wonderful Susan quilt, and I love all the fussy cutting to really make the quilt special.
Have fun with the grandchildren!!

Florida Farm Girl said...

I love this! And all those fabrics! I have a ton of fabrics but most don't have the patters and figures like yours.

Karen S said...

I like the way this one is coming together. Lots of planning but a lovely result.
Hope you had fun with the grandies. We had ours last week and we have now returned to normal. Love it!

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