Sunday, March 3, 2024

Busy, busy!

Another four blocks to my Checkered Garden...

and one more 

makes nine!

This layout...

Or this?

La Finestre is complete, 

with still some design decisions to be made about 

those 'blankish' corners.

I'm still considering how I will quilt it too?

And this is a commission quilt I am making.

While it is not the prettiest quilt I have made,

 I'm trying to put some love ❤️ into it!

Happy sewing!



Karen S said...

I am really liking the checkered garden blocks. Great chance to play with a range of fabrics and colours.
La Finestre is looking great. Every block is appealing and the vines in the border are gorgeous. I am interested to see what you choose to do in the corners.
It is tricky working on a quilt that is not of your choosing. But I think you are hitting the mark with the commissioned quilt.
Lovely to see all your projects.

Kim said...

It's hard sometimes to work on a commission quilt where you're not totally feeling it. But you'll put a whole lot of love into it. As for your Checkered Garden it's filled with happy colour and pattern fabulousness. Love those zingy colours together. I'm leaning towards the second layout. Goodness me, there's a whole lot of love in your appliqued beauty, La Finestre. She's gorgeous! I must say I rather love those "blankish" corners, but I'll be interested in seeing what you do with them.

Gretchen Weaver said...

I really like your checkered garden blocks, so colorful and happy! La Finestre is beautiful! Happy stitching!

dutchcomfort said...

I love the chcekered garden blocks!!

Carol in Texas said...

La Finestre is such a cute quilt. I love the plaid and checked fabrics you have used to set off the blocks. Could you put a butterfly in the corners? All those flowers would surely attract a butterfly or two!!!!

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