Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Drawstring Bags

 I gave you a little sneak peek of what I was working on 

in my last post.

So I've made them doily and fabric scraps into 

drawstring bags....

Of various sizes.

Most required nothing but bits and pieces from my 


I did have to purchase some blue grosgrain ribbon to 

finish the last two.

Now to decide on a price that will ensure they sell but 

not so little than I'm practically giving them away!

Happy sewing!



Kay said...

These are lovely and a fabulous way to use up scraps. X

smithcindyk said...

Love them! They are so cute!!

Paulette said...

They are SO cute!!

Florida Farm Girl said...

These are cute as can be. Good luck with the sales.

Susan Smith said...

Very quaint and I'm sure they'll sell well. Take care & hugs.

Karen S said...

What a gorgeous result.These are lovely combinations with the doilies and fabric. Beautiful.
I have no idea what to charge for something like this. Good luck.

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