Sunday, June 26, 2022

Do you have a quilting style?

 I definitely think Rachaeldaisy does.....

I was privileged to attend a truck show by Rachael 


Here is a sample of just some of the quilts she shared...

Apart from this one, an earlier one....

I think Rachael's style is definitely hers....

distinctive and recognisable for its colour and vibrancy!

Maybe that's because she is a designer in the true 

sense of the word.

Me, I'm an imitator, making others designs my own with 

my fabric choices.

But I'm good with that!

You know what they say about imitation being the 

highest form of flattery.

I get joy from the making and the giving of quilts, not 

designing them.

I'd really like to have a go at these Pine Burr blocks.

My friend Deb bought the pattern and I had a quick 


And Nifty Quilts has a tutorial of the round version here 

I certainly won't be making one like this...

Although Rachael jokingly said there were only none 

blocks to make....

not counting all the others smaller blocks needed to 

make it!

Do you think you have a quilting style, recognisable as 


I can think of another few bloggers that do!

Happy days!



FlourishingPalms said...

I completely agree that Rachael has a distinctive quiltmaking style! Wow! Her colors are vibrantly clash-y. I've seen her work at QuiltCon, and it's definitely abandoned and carefree! Even her clothing... love that dress print. While I enjoy making others' designs, to hold my interest and push/challenge myself, I find greater satisfaction in coming up with my own designs. Though it can be a long and difficult process, because designing isn't intuitive for me (as it is for others), in the end it always happens that the struggle and effort is worth it for the utter satisfaction in realizing "I can do this." It's something to strive for, even when I have "failures" along the way. All this - not designing one's own pattern/designing one's own patterns - is yet another reason quiltmaking is such a wonderful craft. It offers something for everyone!

Florida Farm Girl said...

She definitely does have her own style it seems to me. I wander from traditional to more modern as things strike my fancy. And I know my tastes in fabrics has changed over the years.

Susan Smith said...

WOW!!!!! She is amazing isn't she? I've struggled all along since I started quilting way back in 1977, being told I wasn't a real quilter because I didn't do it all by hand. Then along came more comments, that you should follow a pattern to the T, and others who said you shouldn't as you were just being a copycat, so I'm still sometimes confused and just do what I'm feeling like whenever. I make things from patterns, QALs, designing my own & just playing around, so not sure I have an exact style. Thanks for sharing the gorgeous quilts and your thoughts about quilting. Take care & hugs.

OPQuilt said...

You were so lucky to be able to listen to her--she really does have her own style, but I'm guessing most of us don't really know our own.
You are in good hands, making other people's quilt designs--I'm working on someone else's right now, too. And then I see that red/white quilt where she used the doilies and I want to make THAT one too! Thanks for sharing with us!

Karen S said...

How lovely to be able to attend this session. I saw it advertised but had a wedding and grandparent duties. But is is great to see your photos.

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