Saturday, November 5, 2022

Starlit Sky- a finish!

 While my new home has a washing line, it is a bit tight 

on basting space! 

I do have a lovely 'reading' room, 

formerly called the Chandelier room for the the out-of-

place lighting choice....

The chandelier is now gone, the ceiling rose is a little harder to get rid of

But as I spray baste, I have been wary of getting all 

that goo on the carpet!

Anyway, I bit the bullet and carefully basted my Starlit 

Sky flimsy last weekend....

And got quilting, on Tuesday, a grey, cold and wet 

Melbourne Cup Day!

I chose a simple diagonal grid for a quick finish!


And bound it in the same blue background fabric.

I do like the uninterrupted look it gives to the front and 

how it frames the back.

the back!

And chose the washing line and backyard for the 


The dreary weather has finally passed... 

and we are enjoying blue skies and sunshine!

Happy days!

Quilt #5 for 2022

No. 146 Lifetime quilts



karenbbsnow said...

Awesome finish. I love the vibrant colours, big blocks and fun backing.

FlourishingPalms said...

Ooo... those clothesline photos! I'm green with envy that you have that perfect photo-taking spot. And your quilt is gorgeous! Such beautiful clear-toned jewel colors. I love them! So you're spray-basting in the house? I don't do that anymore, especially with store-bought basting spray. The chemicals in the air and what might float onto the floor or furnishings concern me. I set up to baste in the house, but take the batting outdoors (spread on a large sheet) to spray both sides, and then trot it back into the house to lay on the backing fabric. Might that process alleviate your concerns about overspray onto carpeting?

Barb N said...

Such a bright and joyful quilt! Nice to have the sun shine for your photo shoot :)

Susan Smith said...

Oh my, that is beautiful & love the backing. Great outdoor photos. Isn't it good to see some blue sky, though late yesterday afternoon, we had blue sky & sun to southwest & a big black cloud overhead which produced rain. Talk about eerie, as it was raining in bright sunshine when we looked a certain way. Thanks for sharing, take care & hugs.

Julie Fukuda said...

Love the clothesline finish. The close up of the backing is great too.
I guess I am lucky to have a park fence in the neighborhood for photo shoots. As winter nears, the days are getting cold, but the skies are getting bluer with sunny days. Working on a warm quilt is the best at this time of year.

Karen S said...

That is a lovely finish. Great colors in the quilt and the diagonal quilting shows up the design beautifully. Love the result!!
I agree about the care needed with spray basting. My solution was to get a very old bed sheet to spread either over the floor or table. That way the sheet catches any over spray. I don't bother to wash the sheet, just roll it up, stuck to itself until the next time.

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