Sunday, September 26, 2021

Looking for the Positive!

As I alluded to on my last post, 

I have another finish to share! 

And appropriately, on Day 52 of our 6th lockdown,

I've called it "Look for the Positive".

Personally I am thrilled with how pretty this is!

I don't often use only pastels in my quilts, but this one 

makes me smile!

I was also very thrilled to find these patches of violas 

planted on the grounds of the school where I live!

My sister Helen kindly gave me the vintage sheet as a 


Simple grid quilting

I used a sample block that I made with her for the 

label on the back!

48" square
Lifetime quilt #139
#10 for 2021

As I write this I have only one WIP......

(I know, don't hate me!)

I am hand quilting my Peppermint Parade in the 


Finally I wanted to share, with just you, my loyal blog 

readers,  a photo of my new grandson!

Finnley is the spitting image of his brothers!

Happy days!




Anorina @SameliasMum said...

I love your new quilt in the softer colours. It looks cozy and cuddly, just like your new grandie. Those smooshy cheeks!

FlourishingPalms said...

You can justifiably be proud of this new quilt! It's really pretty in those pastel colors, and is a good reflection of the way you're making lockdown more tolerable, by creating. It's wonderful that you quilted it yourself too! Of course we don't hate you for having only one WIP. I confess to having a few, but not the tens and dozens that others accumulate. Good for you to be proactive about finishing your starts. As for that baby boy... congratulations to you once again! You and Anne D. had a grandson at about the same time! Three boys now, right? Only one more boy to go and you'll be even with me! :-) I hope that as they grow, you're able to find occasions to sew things for them. I suggest shorts - with pockets! - pajamas, and stuffed toys.

Karen S said...

Another lovely finish. The colours and fabrics are delightful - so soft and delicate. It is gorgeous.
And how lucky are you to have a delightful new grandson. That is so special. He is gorgeous!!!! Congratulations.

Carol in Texas said...

I love this quilt! I have not really liked this pattern much, but this version is just charming. I love your fabrics.

I am really sorry about your lockdowns. I live in Texas and we are living a pretty free life… mandatory masks or lockdown. There are numerous cases of the virus and our hospitals are full, but most of those folk have not been vaccinated for one reason or another. It seems a shame not to take advantage of that weapon to help keep one safe from a problem that is going to last for a long, long time, I fear.

That is a precious baby! I know you are thrilled. Thanks for sharing everything!

Claire said...

That Plus pattern really does well in pastels! It is the first I've seen it not done in brghts. And while both appeal in different ways,I'm really liking the calm effect of the pastels.

KitKat said...

Congratulations, he's adorable! Love the quilts too.

Jennifer said...

I am so glad I am a loyal blog follower! I love the feel of this quilt! So pretty!
And your name of the quilt could not be more appropo for all!
And your new grandson is so beautiful! Warmed my heart as well!
Thank you! Great way to start the day!

Susan Smith said...

I love your quilt and being pastel and pretty is great. I like using all sorts of combinations & definitely don't to stick to any one category in either colour or style. Hopefully we'll be out of lockdowns soon. Enjoy our nice weather today before the next front comes in. Congrats to the Mum & Dad and also the grandparents on the new bub. Only one WIP? What happened to the Bessie Creek quilt or is that the photo of a block above. Take care and hugs.

Kay said...

This really is such a pretty quilt and very summery. Congratulations on the birth of your grandson. x

Florida Farm Girl said...

Your quilt is lovely. I don't often use pastels either. Congrats on the new boy in the family.

Julie said...

That is such a pretty quilt, very different colours to what we usually see you using. Congratulations on your new grandson too. Are you allowed to visit with your lockdown?

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