Thursday, October 7, 2021

A Change of Direction

As lockdown drags on here, so does my sewing.

I no longer have sufficient batting to start and finish a 

new quilt,

So I have been working my way through my dress 

making fabric stash!

Firstly a "Joan" woven top, by StyleArc, a freebie which 

came with another pattern purchase in September.

This was made to a size 12, but as I suspected when I 

started cutting, it would be a little big on me.

So thankfully my sister Helen liked it 

and it suits her well!

Secondly, another Miss Foxy skirt, by 1 Puddlelane.

This is my fourth make from this pattern, 

and it's always a winner!

With the inverted pleats, it can be adjusted easily to fit.

Finally I unearthed an oldie but a goodie

This Lisette pattern #2245 was popular all over the 

internet some years back.

So much so that the pattern is considered a collectible!

It is for sale for nearly $100 on e-bay, if you're 


I've ordered some green double gauze to make this 

again, for Helen to match her Miss Foxy skirt.

And there is a Style Arc Emerson dress under the 

sewing machine needle at the moment!

So expect another post featuring my garment makes 


Happy sewing!



Debbie said...

Love that you are still sewing through your stash. The clothing items look fabulous!

Anne / Springleaf Studios said...

Wow, you're sure getting a lot of garment sewing accomplished. Good for you. I haven't sewn clothes in years and really have no motivation for making them. I especially love the skirt fabric. I've been wondering about how Australians are handling all the long lockdowns. Personally, I'm quite frustrated with having to wear a mask again even though I'm vaccinated, but at least I can get out and go where I want.

Florida Farm Girl said...

Lovely wearables. I gave up making clothing many years ago and have absolutely no desire to go back to it. I have far more fabric than I'll ever use so wish I could share with you.

Susan Smith said...

Well done you and like above, I do very little clothes sewing these days. I've a whole roll of batting here, so wish you were regional instead of metro, then I could share a little. Take care & hugs.

Karen S said...

All these clothing items look wonderful. You really are skilled with your dress making!
Are you counting down the days? Not sure if I want to go racing out or stay hidden inside!

FlourishingPalms said...

I'm happy to see you creatively staying busy through lockdown! The clothes you're making are so pretty, and I'm glad for you to have an "outlet" for them through Helen. I too have a Lisette pattern that I've made twice, a dress. I didn't realize how popular they were, nor that they're collectible. I'll be sure to hang onto mine! You'll enjoy working with double gauze. I made a top from it about four years ago, using a free pattern on the Internet, and I STILL get compliments on it. The fabric holds up to many launderings with losing its color or softness.

Frogdancer said...

I've been scrolling through your blog today - love that I've found a fellow Melbournian retired teacher who also quilts and blogs!
I retired at the end of 2020 and I've been merrily working my way through my stash ever since. :)

Frogdancer Jones

Suz J said...

Love the colour and style of Helen's top (and skirt 😅) it looks so cool and effortlessly elegant.

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