Sunday, July 11, 2021

Moving on...


Once I had my bucket bag complete, it was time to 

decide what to work next.

I probably could have started quilting my Deco quilt, 

as I had the backing prepared, using leftover strip sets..

but I didn't have the motivation!

I had been sorting through my stash, selling some 

'no longer loved' scraps of fabric on Facebook...

which unearthed some long forgotten favourites.

So I started cutting and piecing....

limiting my palette to gold, brown, orange, rust, teal, 

navy and green,

Or probably more simply- no red or purple!

I like to use a black and white photo to check how 

balanced the block placement looks.

I still have many more blocks to make to get a decent 

sized quilt. 

I hope to be back with a flimsy soon...

Until then...

Happy days,



Susan Smith said...

Loving your new scrappy quilt & I've also been sorting through scraps & using them in a QAL. I must admit to not having lots of motivation at the moment & just feeling life is difficult. Seems extra cold & dull this winter making a weird year even weirder.(is that a word?) Take care, stay warm & hugs.

Anorina @SameliasMum said...

Gorgeous bucket bag. I'm a sucker for the pretty little florals you've used.
Love your 'No Red or Purple' quilt too. It's going to be fab-tastic!

Karen S said...

Great finish on your lovely bucket bag.
Isn't it wonderful when a rummage around leads to a distraction which leads to another great project! Looking good.

Preeti said...

When I complete a bag so petty, I would got show it off and shop for more fabric :-) But since you stayed home you did well with discovering treasures and sewing some scrappy goodness.

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