Wednesday, September 2, 2020


I've had problems with moths and silverfish,

nibbling at my "out-of-season" clothes!

and I certainly didn't want the smell of mothballs 

permeating them!

So I followed a recipe I found here

And I ordered some lavender and lemon balm online

to make some little fabric sachet bags!

and set them to work!

 On a completely different note, I wanted to check the 

length of my Whittaker pinafore,

So got my lipstick on and coerced Mr PnP to take 

some photos!

And I am happy to say the length is perfect!

Finally I found another fabulous free tutorial here 


after seeing lots of them on Instagram!

It's a mini maker station for the arm of my couch!

I love how it keeps everything together!

The perfect place for all my English Paper Piecing 


And I am pretty sure my Quattro Colour is going to be 

finished soon!

Happy sewing, and stay strong friends!



Florida Farm Girl said...

That is a cute jumper. I gave up on making clothes many years ago. Your handy EPP keeper is neat and so useful.

Pamela Arbour said...

Love your mini maker station. Perfect.

Karen S said...

That looks like a lovely way to keep the moths at bay. I agree - no one wants to smell like mothballs.
Your pinafore looks great. And so comfortable.
And well done also on the caddy. That will be extremely useful.

Suz J said...

I agree... your dress is the perfect length! Worth getting the lipstick out.

Ellen in Oregon said...

I also love to make sachet bags to go into my closet and clothing drawers. Yours are adorable.
The pinafore turned out lovely. I think I like the simplicity and classic lines of the pattern you use. Good thing your husband taook some photos since you were it so well.

Linda @ kokaquilts said...

Now that mini maker station will be very handy! And well done on the pinafore, looks great! I too gave up making clothes years ago.

FlourishingPalms said...

How nice that you could find a remedy (we hope!) for the bugs! I can imagine that lovely fragrance, and I'm sure it's divine. Your jumper turned out nice! Are you wearing to (online) school? I'm glad you got hubs to take pictures. In the past week I made three dresses, a pair of shorts, a top, and a skirt. I had my hubs take pictures of me too. However, he won't permit me to post them online, as my blog has lately had dirty-minded trolls... even though I've eliminated those comments by changing my blog settings. Your armchair caddy looks really good, and useful too. Good for you to make that. I know how much you enjoy your creative time, and you're making great use of it.

OPQuilt said...

I love how you use colorful fabrics to brighten the quiet areas of your home--those sachet bags are beautiful, and I hope they help solve the problem. I think your armchair sewing station is so fun--again, such great fabrics are being used. I especially love the button-on trash bin!
Love that smile of yours in your pinafore (what we here in the States call a "jumper")--and you look great AND comfortable while wearing this. Really charming and fun. Love those buttons down the side of the jumper!

Julie said...

I bet those little herbal bags smell delicious, I have cedar beads threaded on my coathangers which is meant to help. Your pinafore looks good, hope the rest of your lockdown goes quickly.

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