Sunday, May 24, 2020

Returning to Work!

I have been off work for eight weeks and wanted to 

record here what I was able to achieve in these 

strange times!

 So don't feel the need to comment as you've 

probably seen all this before.

 Besides lots of walking in the beautiful Autumn 


I made these for Eli and Aston...

Finished two quilts...

"Hindsight 2020" was made from start to finish in this


And I got this one to flimsy stage,

started this jumper...

And I've only got half a sleeve to finish!

And made these sawtooth star blocks for a new quilt!

I'll share some more about them when I get it to 

flimsy stage!

So now its time to get the work clothes, makeup, 

jewellery and perfume out of mothballs.

But that's ok.... 

the next break is only four weeks away!

Happy days!



  1. Good luck getting back into the work routine!

  2. Hello Suz,
    I wish you a good start at work again.
    Tha blue quilt qith with the rings and squars is very nice. Blue is my favourite colour.
    Take care, Doris :o)

  3. You have accomplished a great deal during this time. When I see your fabrics, I want to go on a buying spree but what to do with what I have, huh? More than I'll ever use for sure. Good luck as you return to work. It'll be another transition for sure.

  4. Wow, well done & I did comment on your Hindsight quilt, but it did a disappearing act as I published & I meant to do it again, but forgot. It's fabulous. Lovely walks too. DD also has 2 days at school this week as she's a librarian at a private school. Hope all goes well with school, take care & stay safe.

  5. Love the pattern on the bottom of your jumper. Having only 4 weeks at work before you get another break will be good for easing back into the grind of work.

  6. You have been very productive. It is good to look back with a sense of achievement.
    Hope all goes well with the return to work. Good luck.

  7. Well done Susan! I love your blue Halo quilt flimsy!! Good luck with getting back into the work routine!

  8. Yes, certainly a very productive time for you! Some wonderful quilts. Hope being back into the work routine not too stressful.

  9. I only wish I was half as productive as you, Suz. Love your Halo quilt. I'm not a big blue fan, but it is lovely. I really like the one below Hindsight - scrappy with black and white. I'd love to know the pattern name, please and thank you. (Had a quick scrabble through your posts but could not find it.)


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