Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Planning Party

As I finish up one or two quilts for the year, 

"B100ms" is still being quilted
I begin to look forward to a new year and new 


To help me get sorted, I joining the Planning Party 

                                                 2019 Planning Party

My plans often start with a stack of fabric, like these 

Outback Wife beauties...

(with some solids, spots and checks thrown in.)

Or this stack of solids I won in a giveaway last year.

And I've been adding to this 'green' stash 

during the year.

 I then have to decide on patterns....

I've wanted to make a Flowering Snowball quilt for a 


This one is by 'bits of everything'.

She even has templates on her blog!

Or this awesome pattern by Brigitte Heitland ...

or this scrappy, happy one called "Starburst" 

 by Sew Crafty Jess 

Finally this one, by Blue Elephant Stitches, 

Carolina Chain
looks like a totally scrappy project!

It's just as well I don't have definite plans yet

 because I  have these to finish first:

Mint Thicket quilt  

Delilah aka "Shadows Of Love"
I wonder if temptation will get the better of me!?

Do you find it hard to make definite plans, like 


Or do you start something new even if you still have 

big pile of WIPs?

Happy days!



  1. Such a lovely selection of ideas! Well, you know me, I start much more than I finish! I do have a list each year, and love crossing things off! I just seem to wander off in different directions somehow! Merry Christmas! And good luck with your planning.

  2. I have most of the quilts you're considering on my bucket list also--even templates for two of them! There just aren't enough hours in the day! My bucket list just keeps getting longer. Those Outback Wife fabrics are wonderful! My stash is way too big so I'm on a no buy (and actually have been donating fabric) I just have to organize my quilting rooms (haven't managed to finish since we moved but I am working on it! I wish there was an organization fairy and I could wake up to organization in both rooms! Just too much stuff after 40 years of quilting! Merry Christmas!

  3. I'm always starting something new while staring at a pile of WIPs. LOL

  4. I think you know my answer to that one! Although I have found that being really strict with projects and fabrics doesn't do well with my mental health. I've always said that I did the next thing depending on how I was feeling... I like to piece when I'm stressed, so sometimes piecing is all I do. There is however satisfaction in finishing something too... just a matter of finding the perfect balance for you.

  5. So many beautiful stacks of fabrics and lots of inspiration! I'm hoping to get back to some old wips next year so I might need to join the party too :)

  6. I have a huge collection of floral prints and looking at these, I may find a way to cut that stash a bit.

  7. You've had a very productive 2018, and it seems like you have wonderful sewing plans for 2019!!

  8. I hope that you have a lot of fun with your new projects and feel the pride in finishing up a few WIPs in 2019 as well. Thank you so much for linking up with the Planning Party!

  9. I find it very easy to get distracted, but having plans is not a bad idea either. Love your fabric collections but I also want to see your other wonderful quilts finished.I would be no help!!

  10. Oh my! That Delilah quilt is wonderful, Susan! You have been steadily working on the blocks, but I am happy to see it all put together. Your list of Planning sounds wonderful, and it looks like it will be a patchwork-filled year. Merry Christmas and Happy Stitching!

  11. My goodness, but you have grandiose 2019 plans! There's no way I could list the quilts I want to make because those are moving targets all the time. No. I'm going with broad, general goals. That way I won't feel bad when I don't make all the quilts I have in my head. :-) I do like Flowering Snowball, and Clambake. And that Brigitte Heitland patchwork quilt...

  12. I decided a couple of years ago not to make definite plans as I nearly always got sidetracked, although I have at least one quilt on my radar for this year. Trying really hard to finish up quilts this year, they are taking up too much room :) Love that Brigitte Heitland quilt - a nice modern looking sampler.


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