Saturday, September 29, 2018

No Grand Illusions!

I'm calling my latest finish "No Grand Illusions'!

It is the 'Hidden Agenda' quilt pattern I tested for 

Angela recently.

I had fun quilting these swirls!

Since I have been making my own basting spray,

using this recipe,

the actual process goes very 'smoothly'!

There are some hearts quilted here!

The spray is probably not as economical as the 

commercial brands, but boy, does it stick!

Can you tell I love this print?

Now FMQ is the final fear I need to conquer!

This little section does make me happy though....

I also had fun photographing this quilt too,

finding pretty spots in my sister's home.

For an extra fast finish, I also machine stitched the 


#97 lifetime quilt 

#9 for 2018

I've now finished more quilts this year than I did last 


with another three planned.

Quilt finishes at 56" by 72" 

The back.

All Cotton and Steel fabric.

Happy sewing!



  1. Hello Suz,
    I like this quilt. Its just the once I like to make. But I am not so fast as you . It's amazing how many quilts you made already. What do you do with them? Keeping them? Donate them? Sell them?
    Happy stitching and a nice weekend still.
    Hugs, Doris :o)

  2. Great job, Suz. It looks wonderful too.

  3. Lovely finish and great photos to show it off too! I hear you on that fear of free motion but it looks to me like you did it well.

  4. oh this is such a fun quilt - perfect fabric for the pattern.

  5. A great quilt. I had spotted the HA pattern and thought it would be a lovely way to use up a scrappy selection of fabrics, and it certainly is! I find fmq challenging, but I do keep practising! (ever hopeful!)

  6. That is a great quilt. It will be fun to be under it and look at all the cool fabric!

  7. Looking great. I enjoyed checking out all the different fabrics and the fussy cutting of some of the blocks. It is a lovely finish. Well done with the quilting and the binding. I have never come to grips with machine stitching the binding down.

  8. What a fun quilt you put together. Love the fabrics you chose. This quilt does you proud. hugs, lj

  9. This is terrific! I love the slightly sampler-like feeling from this quilt, yet it is very coordinated via the fabric and the shapes. Your FMQ is really fun, and gives a sense of depth to the shapes. Congratulations on another finish--you are miles ahead of me!

  10. Look at you go! This quilt is fun because it has so much to look at. I'm really proud of you for tackling your own quilting. I know how challenging it can be, especially on a larger quilt. It's apparent that you made a big effort with this one, for sure. Machine-sewn binding too! Wow. I tried it once, and was so dissatisfied with my result that I won't do it again. You sure did get some pretty photos too. Happy for you to be so productive in 2018. It's fun to count up at the end of the year which is approaching way too quickly!

  11. Wow! What an incredible finish, Susan! I have enjoyed seeing this quilt be made and thought I couldn't love it more. Boy, was I wrong! Completely head over heels for it - you did an amazing job and cheering in celebration for you jumping in to quilt this beauty. Love the photos and this wonderful quilt!


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