Sunday, September 23, 2018

Another catch-up!

I put together this quilt last week.....

Lots of big prints and low volume sashing!

And I finished this dress this morning! 

"Easy Vogue v9327"

The front...

 and the back!

Now it is school holidays, I am aiming to get at least 

one quilt quilted.....

with this one being basted today!

Happy sewing!



  1. What is pattern for dress? Really cute

  2. Oooh I love the dress with the kick ruffle on the back-I think it’s rather sassy. How nice you can sew both beautiful quilts and clothes-I choose quilts because I don’t want to do zippers. I pulled the fabrics for the Andrea pattern-just have to find the time now. Happy Sewing to you!

  3. Love that dress!! Good luck on the quilting part!

  4. Love the dress good luck with the quilting

  5. Looks like a busy sewing time for you and also love that little dress....think of all the colors you could do it in??? ;)))

  6. You are going to town and being majorly productive as usual. Can I send you some of my UFOs and USOs? Or a couple of them, at least?

  7. Great to have some clothes sewing success! Hope your holidays are going well - and that you get some of that quilting finished!

  8. Cute dress! I also like the quilt top. That will look really nice all finished.

  9. You will certainly be keeping yourself busy these holidays. Looking forward to seeing new clothes, finished quilts and maybe a new project.

  10. Well look at you digging into your holidays with all these makes! The dress is adorable. So interesting how the ruffles are on the back only. I've never seen that style, and I like it! Yay for getting a quilt basting, and getting to quilt it yourself. Will you please pass on some of your motivation to me? I seem to have lost all my "umph" for getting things done, and this is a terrible time for me to do that! October is shaping up to be the month where I do all my demoing and teaching!

  11. I like both those little quilts. The baby Quilt that your quilting is sweet. I do like the dress too. I haven’t sewn anything for myself in years.

  12. Catching up again! Love the quilt top you have put together and I especially like the way you have added the sappy sashing. That is very effective.
    Great finish with the dress. I really like the way the back is gathered and the front is not. Such a simple detail but it works so well.
    Good luck with the quilt you plan to finish. the cold days coming up will be perfect for working on it.

  13. Fun, fun dress. I saw a lot of dresses in Berlin that had a bit of "prairie" ruffles and flourishes, and I immediately thought I should get my self a pattern, but you always move beyond thinking into doing. Congratulations on all these fun finishes!


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