Thursday, October 4, 2018

Clothes Sewing

I've recently shared some clothes I have been 


Today I wanted to show how they look when I'm 

wearing them.....

 This was a selfie I set up in my office at work, using 

the timer on my camera.

                     I love how this turned out! 

Even if Mr PnP says it 

looks like a patchwork quilt!

I guess that's own of the reasons I loved the fabric

in the first place!

There's nothing that says 'old lady' more than 

chubby elbows!

Yes, I know the shoes are not right but I've also 

decided this one is too long!

 So I have since cut off at least 2 inches from the 

hem and it looks way better!

And look....

I found the perfect sandal too!

Finally, I recently helped my sister make her own

Lacey dress....

This was also made from the Stylearc pattern.

Didn't she do an awesome job?

There was even enough fabric leftover for a top...

from the same pattern, no less!

It has side splits and a spotted watermelon binding 

on the neck.

I have created a separate page for my clothes 


if you are interested.

(Patterns are by Vogue and Stylearc)

Happy days!



  1. You have done an excellent job with the clothing. The dresses looked lovely when you first showed them but they look even better when I see you wearing them. It really shows how well they fit and suit you.And well done to your sister, too.

  2. Wow...they all came out cute and you are a great model....nice job!!!

  3. Yeah for you with all that clothes sewing. Each dress is amazing, and all those pockets are wonderful. Love the new shoes too, they're perfect for the dress.

  4. You're so multi-talented! Love seeing these dresses you've made, and you in them! So cute! I particularly like the one with the ruffly back. And agree with you about shortening the other one. What a perfect shoe find! In my opinion, you can't own enough shoes. How nice that you have a mannequin for fitting clothes. That must be very helpful. You and your sis look great in your designer dresses. GertrudeMade would be proud! :-)

  5. Really enjoyed seeing you in those dresses! Is it possible to purchase the same pattern? Thanks.

  6. Hi Charlie, you are a no-reply commenter, so I hope you see this. The dress is called Lacey by Stylearc. regards, Suz

  7. I bet the other teachers can't wait to see what awesome outfit you will be sewing up next. Don't be surprised if they ask you to sew for them as well!! I love them all!

  8. They all look wonderful Susan.

  9. Looking good in all of them. I am impressed that you have coloured shoes too. Gosh you and your sister look a like - do you hate hearing that? I'm currently having a sewing hissy fit over my latest make.

  10. Beautiful creations ~ love them all.

  11. So many gorgeous makes! Well done, my friend!

  12. While i love skirts... I always feel odd in them. The fabric you have used is particularly lovely. And I love those shoes! They are a perfect match.

  13. You definitely have a SuzStyle with your clothing makes. I love them, especially the Patchwork dress. And to have the perfect shoes to match, tres chic' (I love the red ones). I just went to your clothing link and didn't see the lovely wedding dress you made for your friend. You are a talented seamstress!

  14. Chubby elbows? What chubby elbows?! You ought to see the ones that run in my DNA--we could pack lunches in them. I love your new wardrobe and so glad you modeled them for us. I love that dress--maybe I'll have to try it, but I'm not quite as slim as you, so I don't know. But what I like is how you just jumped in a made a lot of fun things to wear. Are they going with you to NZ?

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