Sunday, May 27, 2018

Flimsy Finishes

I've had two flimsy finishes this week.....

Yes, two tops now ready to be quilted!

The first one is made

from these blocks....

into this...

I'm intending to machine quilt this one myself,

I did iron it!
and give it to a friend who is retiring from teaching 


And Helen's Dresden is together too!

This one is a big one, 

measuring 88" by 74",

so it's not only difficult to photograph but beyond 

my quilting skills.

So we will get it professionally quilted!

Time to get some backings prepared!

Happy sewing!



  1. Congratulations! Beautiful work.

  2. Pretty quilts! I am sure your friend will love hers and the dresden quilt is beautiful. Hope you enjoy your week.

  3. Those dresdens are lovely! Great finishes on both of these.

  4. What great progress you've been making! The retirement quilt will be perfect, and I'm glad you'll be quilting it yourself. Helen's quilt is wonderful too! I've always been a fan of Dresdens, and I really like the way you laid it out. Happy for you to get that one professionally quilted, otherwise you'd be quilting for weeks! (I'll be interested to know if you get email notification from Blogger about this comment!)

  5. Oo, I really like the retirement quilt! So dynamic! I'm looking forward to seeing how you quilt it :)

  6. What a unique setting for all those lovely Dresdan Fans! And the retirement quilt is so different, yet just as beautiful!

  7. Gosh, speedy work on the retirement quilt. Your dresden colours remind me of Monet's waterlily paintings.

  8. Both of these look great. Congrats on finishing.

  9. They are both so lovely. I especially like the blues/greens on the mixed greys background.

  10. Wow, you're so busy! I love both tops although they are totally different. And I can well imagine that it's difficult to quilt this giant Dresden top on a domestic machine!

  11. Two tops!! That is a wonderful effort and both are looking great.
    The first one is going to be a delightful retirement gift. Very generous of you.
    Lovely finish with your dresdens too. That one has worked out so well. The colours are great and sit perfectly on the backing. I love the each dresden is different.
    I agree about getting it quilted professionally. Too big to wrangle on a home machine.

  12. Although both tops are completely different, they are both so beautiflul! I love it when quil-tops are finished, but always loop up to the quilting. I’m curious to see what the long arm quilter will choose for a pattern.

  13. How did you finish two in one week? Was it school holidays?
    I love the Dresdens still.


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