Thursday, May 17, 2018

Home Sweet Home

I recently had the pleasure of testing a pattern for 

Allison of Campbell Soup Diary!

There are four graphic designs to choose from in the 

"Stitches" set....

And I worked three of them into a new

sewing machine cover.

The needle is a little wonky because I made it from felt

I'm considering writing a tutorial, 

if anyone is interested....

I had this mauve fabric in my stash...

which was the perfect lining!

I figured my pretty "new" Singer 348 machine 

deserved a new cover.

Maybe it needs a new mat too? 

The pattern has just been released, so if you'd like to 
make your own, head HERE

Happy sewing!



  1. Ooooh! I LOVE the sewing machine cover. It is so pretty!

  2. The sewing machine cover looks fantastic!

  3. This was my reasoning behind the minis... so that quilters have the freedom to come up with thier own great projects! What a brilliant idea to make a sewing machine cover... I'm sure she'll be very lonely without that mat ; )

  4. Very flash! The combination of the blocks and lining fabric are a match ,are in heaven!

  5. Your cover is adorable and just perfect for that machine.....very cute!

  6. Wow, that turned out really super! And now you get to use it and admire it every day. Score! :)

  7. Wonderful idea, love your work .

  8. Isn't it nice to have pretty covers for your sewing machines? This one is special, and I admire those safety pins. At first I thought those might be for a baby quilt, or a diaper carrier, but then I knew I was showing my age! If you put those on a quilt, the parents wouldn't understand why! :-) You did a nice job pattern-testing. Yay, you!

  9. Great way to use the patterns, Susan. Your machine cover looks great. Smart designing. Yes, your special machine deserves a good cover.

  10. You should make a mat too! It looks gorgeous! I also had the pleasure of receiving the patterns to be tested, but didn’t manage to do so, with all things happening to my Mum. I love Allison’s patterns and I surely want to make something one day!

  11. Now that I'm home, I can comment on this cute sewing machine cover--so clever to use your test blocks as the main parts for your cover. I love the safety pins, and did laugh at Linda's comment about how parents today wouldn't know what they were for. You did a great job--congrats on another make!

  12. Fantastic! I agree with Nicolette and think you should make a mat too. Such a fun sewing machine cover for your pretty vintage Singer.


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