Sunday, June 10, 2018


Anyone who has been following my blog for a few 

years would know that this time of year 

is slow on the sewing- 

my day job takes precedence!

But I have been eking out an hour or two

to get this little baby quilt pieced, 

bit by bit!

I hope to be back soon with a finish!

In the meantime, how do make time for your hobby?


ps Blogger is being difficult and I am not receiving notification of your comments, but if you have a profile, I will get back to you!


  1. Such a sweet babyquilt! With the new retirement rules here (we have to work until 65 and depending on the year you were born in we have to add up a number of months or years), I had to work till November last. However, I was self employed and had to close my design business a number of years ago already, due to a lack of orders. That’s why I had an early retirement and plenty of time to work on my hobby, but I would have preferred to still be able to work!

  2. I really love the border on this!
    How do I make time for my hobby? Hire a house cleaner! If it were not for her, I would have no free time (or a house full of dust and threads on the floor)!

  3. The work life balance is out of control at present ..... So no crafting time really ......

  4. Sometimes the hobbies need to take a back seat. I’m sure you will have more time soon enough.

  5. Unusual choices for a great baby quilt. I love it. I retired at age 67 and have sewn for a minimum of six hours per day every day except three, for surgeries. It is my sanity to play in my inspiration inventory.

    1. Thanks for your kind comment! I am anticipating days and days of sewing when I retire!

  6. I LOVE your fabric choices! Can you tell me the line of fabric the fox fabric is from? I love it! Beautiful quilt.

  7. Sorry Paula, I cannot reply to you personally. I do not have a selvedge left of that fox fabric. Not even a google images search found it- SORRY!

  8. I love the way you have used these gorgeous fabrics in your quilt top. And pleased you have managed to fit in some sewing time.
    I wish I could wave a magic wand and have someone else do the other work for you.

  9. Gorgeous quilt, I love that little fox. I have to say I think blogger is being more than difficult at present,

  10. Those little foxes are so cute! I retired early from nursing to look after my grandaughter while her mum went back nursing...and I ended up with time to sew too, win win :)

  11. You continually amaze me with your slow, steady, stupendous progress on all your projects. I love this little quilt, and both the prints play so well together. You are an inspiration!!


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