Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Show and Tell!

I am back from my little beach getaway...

where we did lots of walking,

and people watching!

This is what I managed to sew, hand stitching in the 


My first Delilah block!
With another one cut out ready to stitch.

Amitie is moving soon so I decided I needed to take 

some fabric off their hands...

for Delilah, of course!

and the batting is going to be used soon for my 

"Chucky's In Love" quilt,

Five metres of Lizzie House, "Castle Peeps"
because I found a fabulous fabric for the backing!

This is my first block for the Gridster Bee...

designed by Nancy herself!

With fabric cut and ready for the next...

Plenty to keep me busy!

Happy sewing! 



  1. Only too helpful of you reducing Amitie's stock to move. Looks as though you had perfect weather for your holiday.

  2. I can tell you had a wonderful holiday! Jen Kingwell visited our country (Holland) last week. I went to a show and tell and joined in a class. It was so inspiring and so wonderful to meet my quilt goeroe! She’s such a wonderful and kind lady!

  3. Looks like you had a nice vacation and love your blocks...

  4. I'm sure you had a great time and a wonderful holiday. And you even had some time to sew - perfect! How was the weather - did this cyclone damage the coast? My son and his friends finally left Melbourne and are now heading towards Sydney and further north...

  5. Nice to have a selection of small stuff to work on. Good job!

  6. Thanks for returning from your getaway because I sorely missed seeing your lovely pieces. You have a lot going on. Great fabric purchases; I ended my fabric fast with over thirty yards this week, what can I say there was a sale and the big quilt show was in town. The top photo of your walk is breathtaking--I love it.

  7. Some lovely blocks here! Is 'delilah' a sort of sampler quilt?

  8. Such a cheery post--from the beautiful beach days to new projects and beautiful quilty ideas. I love your Gridster block, and am looking forward to all your Delilah blocks!

  9. I'm glad you had a nice getaway. Your photos of the place sure look great! And it's nice you had hand-sewing time, though it's okay if you didn't sew all the time. It's good to take a break from everything, and I hope you did! And I hope you're feeling 100 percent too.

  10. You do have some pretty projects here to keep you busy. Happy Sewing. xx

  11. Your time away looks to have been very pleasant (no cyclone thankfully)- and also your fabric shopping and plans.

  12. Wonder if you would share the name of the darker fabric in that last pic, please? Have just been searching for something to work with a Juliana Horner piece and ta da, there it is!!! Looks like you're rested now to take on more sewing!

  13. Lots of fun show and tell Suz. Youre holiday looked wonderful and its great you could do some stitching in the evenings. Love the peeps backing fabric!!

  14. Susan, I am always amazed at your work. LOVE looking through your blog!

  15. Looks like you really did make the most of your time away. So pleased that you had a good break. And of course it is always helped along with a little fabric shopping!
    Lovely work on the blocks. Have a lovely Easter!

  16. Lots of goodies here, I love the block you've done for the Gridster Bee.

  17. What a fun backing fabric. I still cannot believe how far out of town Amitie is going.


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