Saturday, April 1, 2017


While not there has not been much sewing happening here at Patchwork n Play....

more work than play really!

There is still inspiration and planning going on!

I found this scrap amongst some fabrics I had 

forgotten about...

and decided that was the perfect colour palette for 

my newest 'start' - the Delilah pattern...

The book, on the left,  I recently won!

So I had great fun pulling these from my stash.

And I had a credit at my local fabric store....

so these cost me the princely sum of $5!

I'll be hand piecing the Delilah blocks for this 


the perfect project to take on my little beach sojourn!

Happy sewing!



  1. Funny I was just thinking about you and the Delilah project, can't wait to see your blocks. Also really funny, I received a bundle of the Alice in Wonderland fabric last week and thought that this would be something you would like. I wasn't wrong. Have fun on your little beach sojourn!

  2. What a beautiful fabric to create from... is that a cone flower? or echinacea? Looks like you are going to be having fun this month :o)

  3. This looks lovely. And nearly all from your stash makes it even better. Enjoy the break.

  4. I am going to try Delilah too :) My templates will probably arrive sometime this week?

  5. Happy for you to have a win! It's been more than six months since I won a little Alison Glass bundle from Hawthorne Threads, but I keep entering giveaways. Love what you're going to make. Isn't it great that you can pull mostly from your stash, and then get the remainder for almost free?! I'm also happy for you to soon be going on a beach get-away. Since it's off-season, I'm sure you'll do lots of walking on mostly deserted beaches. Have a great time!

  6. Lovely selection of fabrics for Delilah! I’m working on the quilt too!

  7. That Alice fabric is so sweet. Watching to see what will happen next.....

  8. The coneflower! I have my sampler quilt with your aqua coneflower block hanging over the edge of my sofa and I think about you whenever I see it. Perfect idea for gathering together a grouping of fabrics--this will be fun to watch. Have fun at the beach!

  9. Looks like you're having a great time away. Love the fabrics you've chosen for Delilah.

  10. A lovely palette to work with and will look great in that pattern. I'm so in love with that Alice fabric!


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