Friday, April 28, 2017

A Bee for the Queen Bee!

Rachel is the Queen of May-

well, Queen Bee of our Gridster Bee for May!

As she is away for much of May, she released her block early!

It is foundation paper pieced 

from the Piece by Number website...

so I made a sample block first!

It will be 6" finished.

But Rachel wanted hers to be 10" with a purple 


I found the perfect fabric in my stash with bees on it!

Here are the two blocks together....

I still need to embroider the antennae on Rachel's 


I am making an extra block for each month of the bee,

 to make my own sampler quilt...

I'm loving this so far,

and am looking forward to seeing the future bee 

block choices!

Happy sewing!



  1. Your bees look great! It is fun to see all of the blocks together.

  2. That's an awesome idea to make an additional block for yourself and to create your special bee quilt. And your blocks all look wonderful!

  3. You are so quick! I have that out to do this weekend, so you are great inspiration. Your sampler blocks are looking really fun!

  4. Some cute blocks in your sampler! That purple fabric was a great choice for your bigger bee!

  5. Love that purple background fabric - a very inspired choice,

  6. I love your blocks and very inspiring. I'm beginning to like foundation piecing thanks to you. I'm looking forward to seeing future blocks.

  7. Your bees are delightful! What a fun block to make. Great idea to make an extra one each month, you'll have a good memory quilt :-)

  8. Leave it to you to find the perfect background fabric! It will be fun to see how your own quilt goes together.

  9. Both bees look great. I like the fabrics in the one you made for yourself. Great colours.
    And i think you nailed it for the request for a purple background. Great fabric as well.

  10. I hope more of the bee blocks continue the nature theme. Bees, fruit, piggies ... what next?


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