Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Roller Coaster!

Yes, I have changed the name again...

but it's a finished quilt top, at least!

Life as been a bit of a roller coaster while this was 

being pieced...

Here are some of the last blocks I made...

before I put all this craziness together!

Here are some shots of it finished...

It wasn't the easiest to piece, because of all those 

pesky points!

Now to buy some batting and backing to get it 

properly finished....

You know what they say-  

"It's not a quilt until it's quilted!"

Happy sewing!



  1. Another great finish! It's definitely worth all the extra effort you put into those points. It looks amazing.

  2. Looks fabulous Susan. It may not be a quilt, but a quilt top is better than a pile of blocks!!

  3. Have loved your pics of this one and it has been great inspiration 🤗💐. Mine is coming along and, quite honestly, I'm enjoying the process, points and all! Easy to pick up and put down.

  4. Just beautiful and as mentioned already, I consider a top a finish too. This quilt is going to be a work of art just like the others.

  5. Wow Suz such stunning blocks,what a wonderful quilt,well done.

  6. Swoon! This is one of the most fun quilts I've ever seen, with all that pattern and color and visual texture--I love it! Well done, Susan. You are always inspiring and amazing!

  7. This is so, so wonderful! My favorites are the blocks with Tula Pink fabrics :-) Now I'm curious to see what you decide about the quilting... I'm sure it'll be something beautiful as always!

  8. This looks wonderful with the blocks all together. You have put so much work into this lovely quilt top. I am delighted for you that it has turned out so well.

  9. Well done Susan on getting this together... I know it was a bit touch and go for a while there... but well worth it in the end. Roller coaster is a very fitting name!

  10. looks great.........and I always change quilt names from patterns.....

  11. It's so gorgeous! I have loved seeing pictures as you progressed and am excited to see how you will finish this beauty, Susan. I think it was work every pesky triangle! ;o)

  12. Fantastic quilt top, you did a wonderful job. Hope you post again when it's quilted. Karen

  13. I love the wonderful top. Such great fabric combinations!!

  14. Isn't it fabulous! Curse those pesky point.


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