Friday, November 4, 2016

"Light, End, Tunnel"- Four-in-Art Reveal

This is my final contribution to the "Four-in-Art" 


(I am going to pursue other activities next year.) 

      Firstly I played around with my blue 2.5" scrappy                

to get a graduation of colour from light to dark,

with a spot of yellow in the centre.

One way of looking at it.....

I based my piece on the concept of 'feeling low, 

down or depressed'.

I have a personal experience with a loved one 

having depression and this is my tribute to them...

where sometimes things just go round and round in 

their troubled minds.....

and there doesn't seem to be a way out,

where life seems frayed around the edges.

 I chose to leave it unbound, as life it often ragged 

nor contained or tidy.

And the title?

Well, where there's light there's hope.

I guess it's my way of saying,

"Don't sweat the small stuff."

Check out the others in this group- their work is 




Happy days!



  1. Lovely little quilt. I very much appreciate the meaning behind it. I too have had family members deal with depression, and it is definitely a circling of thoughts. I appreciate how you put the light at the center though! Amazing small quilting, too and the backing fabric is so pretty.

  2. This is wonderful! I think you've captured the idea of depression--that circular wrenching inside that does go round and round. I also love the bright spot in the center, providing hope after all the circling is done. Well done!

  3. This a a really special quilt Suz. All the details really work to express your theme.

  4. I'll miss you in the group! This is a lovely quilt. I particularly like the thought behind the frayed edges and your round and round quilting. It's beautiful too - it's made me want to go and do lots of dense quilting right this minute!

  5. Beautifully expressed and interpreted. Your friend is so lucky that "you get it".

  6. This is a wonderful interpretation of your take on depression. I found your explanation of your piece very moving. It is a beautiful representation.

  7. Amazing, Suz. I love the thought behind and meaning in this piece, really beautiful x

  8. This piece is so expressive and captures so well that endless maze experienced in depression. The layering of blues also reminds me of the angst a loved one went through, noticed on the surface but not fully recognized. I had forgotten about so much of that period - thank you for reminding me, truly. I will miss you in this little group, but look forward to seeing where your creativity takes you via your blog!

  9. Firstly, your contribution to Four In Art will be missed next year. I hope you have new adventures planned. I loved your interpretation of how ideas can go around and around until they're resolved. I also think how you handled the non binding is genius. Depression and sadness are not ever good things to experience but I can see from my own experience that they help me recognize when I am happy too.

  10. Your friend is lucky to have a friend who is supportive and obviously understands what depression is like. Looking forward to seeing what your creations will be next year.

  11. A very clever and visually stunning representation of the theme...clever you.

  12. Brilliant! Love the quilting too.

  13. What an awesome interpretation of the topic! I love it! A perfect arrangement of color values and I love the raw edges of the fabrics and the narrow quilting! Wow!

  14. Your comment about things going around and around in troubled minds applies to so many mental illnesses.
    Nice work, Susan!

  15. Very pertinent symbolism making a really effective quilt! Sorry to be late to comment!

  16. This is a lovely piece, Susan. What it represents is very touching, and certainly meaningful to you. While I don't have any reference or experience with depression, I understand that it can be debilitating. So glad you found a healthy way to express it on behalf of someone you care about. Perfect.

  17. I love this concept Susan. The frayed edges and the spot of light . . . all just perfect. The square spiral quilting is great too. Like a maze and finding your way through the maze to the light. Wonderfully executed all around.


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