Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Our Tassie Trek....

If you are looking for quilty, crafty photos, I am 

having a break....
My hand piecing while on holiday...

but if you want a look at beautiful Tassie,

the photos are here!

The Nut at Stanley

A view of Stanley from the chairlift
 Some scenes from the film

 "Light between the Oceans" were filmed in Stanley.

The end of the tulips at Wynyard

The Big Penguin at Penguin

Cradle Mountain Lodge - the view from our room

Dove Lake with Cradle Mountain behind

Waldheim Chalet

I love this saying....
Pencil Pine Falls

The Old mill at Oatlands

One of the many murals at Sheffield

More soon....



  1. Gorgeous photos, Suz! Looks like you've had a wonderful time and the opportunity to refill the well.

  2. Looks like your sowing at that beautiful location.......

  3. I wonder why they filmed the Light between the Oceans on the wrong side of the country? :)

  4. Lovely photos, it was like I was there. Thanks for sharing, can't wait to see more photos of your holiday and when your handiwork resumes. I have to tell you something funny, I was on Ikea's website looking for a cat pillow for my daughter-in-law and nothing was coming up, I had to type the word cushion before it came up, maybe I'm using the wrong word.

  5. Oh, but these pictures lovely! Such a beautiful place. I had no idea. I haven't read the book or seen the movie "Light Between Oceans," but now I want to! Can you tell me what those wooden-looking coils are, on the hillside, in your third photo? They look like baskets... leaky ones! And the calmness of the water at Cradle Mountain Lodge is just striking! The weather LOOKS perfect, though I wonder if that was the case. It's definitely a gorgeous state which I am guessing you didn't need to use a passport to get to. Have you been there before? I'm happy you're making good memories with this trip.

  6. Beautiful photos Suz!! It's great to see you're out and about seeing such wonderful sights.

  7. Tassie is such a beautiful place and it looks like you have had nice weather too!

  8. These pictures make it so tempting to want to visit!!

  9. I enjoyed your pictures! What a beautiful place for a holiday.

  10. A beautiful place to relax and recharge! Thanks for sharing the photos.

  11. Like Linda, I am curious about the baskets, too. Any ideas? Soil erosion protection? Shapes for bushes to grow into? So curious, but I love seeing all your photos. Have a great time!

  12. A holiday with beautiful scenes and a bit of lovely take-along work. My kind of fun!

  13. I love Tasmania - so many beautiful places to visit.


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