Wednesday, November 16, 2016

I have been sewing....

....just not quilts!

I made a couple of placemats,

that matched our new lamp!

This one will stay clean here, at least!

A dress that I have had cut out since last year!

And, for a friend, a wedding dress!


Have you ever offered to make something for 
someone and then regretted it?

Had I seen the stretch, hand beaded, expensive tulle lace before I offered, I would never have offered in the first place!

I got the dress to this stage and had to give up.

There was no way I had the skills to put a zipper in this!

Thankfully the bride-to-be totally understood and took it to a professional to finish it off.

Finally a T-shirt!

Hey, if I can sew stretchy, beaded tulle, I can sew a 


Next time, I will have a quilt to show,

I promise!

Happy sewing!


  1. Hummmm I seldom offer to make clothes for someone else....I might make up something and surprise them with it but they never know how many do not turn out well enough to share with the general public. When I get asked to do something my general response is I do not do finish work well enough to charge for it and I do not love you enough to do it for free.

  2. Wow you have been busy! Lovely work. I don't think I'd ever be brave enough to make a wedding dress for someone.

  3. My biggest "regret" of an offer was to do 5 bridesmaid dresses for my SIL. It wasn't the dress pattern or fabric, but it was the BORING idea of doing it five times over!! I really like that cute mat.

  4. Pretty fabric for a wedding dress. At least you were honest with what you could do. much better than ruining it. What is the spotty dress pattern?

  5. That wedding dress is so gorgeous! Good for you for all the other sewing, too. Every once in a while, we have to take off from our quilting and do the other stuff.

  6. You did so well with the wedding dress. It looks so pretty. It's a good idea to pass the zipper onto someone else. It's great you sew your own clothes. I love the tshirt fabric!

  7. No quilts but I was in awe. The wedding dress is absolutely beautiful and you did the most important part. I have to tell you a funny story, three years ago when my son got married, the future mother-in-law insisted on making the wedding dress and the six bridemaid dresses but broke both arms a month before the wedding. I do not do fashion sewing so I was of no help. Thankfully the dresses got done but there was a miscommunication with the length of the bridesmaids' so they were hemmed rather hastily a few days before and again I was not involved. My friend, an accomplished seamstress, at the wedding, rather snobbily asked my husband if I made the dresses. During the reception while dancing she fell down and hurt her arm and that is what I call Karma. I still chuckle when I think about this. Maybe I should learn to sew clothes but I have too many quilts to make. Love everything you make!

  8. It's fun to get away from the quilts and sew something different. I do NOT like hemming, altering, or making for someone else. This is my no-pressure hobby, and I'm totally selfish about it. That said, the wedding dress is beautiful, kudos to you. Thank goodness you escaped the zipper part. I like your patterns/fabric choices for the garments. The place mat is very modern and looks great!

  9. That's a wonderful fabric for a wedding dress but I can fully understand, that it is difficult to sew... I don't like sewing clothes, I'm always afraid that they don't turn out the way they are supposed to and I wouldn't wear them... Too much time and effort in vain... So I stay with sewing quilts :-)) I love the placemat too. But you could also do it the other way round - my colleague just showed us, how to use fabric for a new lamp - it was amazing :-)))

  10. Wow, the work on the wedding dress is amazing. I think you did well to get that far. It is beautiful.
    Lovely work on your own items, too.
    The place mat looks great with the lamp.
    And it looks like a good start to your Summer wardrobe.

  11. Well, you are a good friend to offer and an even better friend to get it to that stage! It's just beautiful and when you see her walking down the isle, you'll beam because you really had a hand in it! And I love your mat for that stunning lamp - love all things mid-century.

  12. I love the polka dot dress! Would you mind sharing what pattern you used? Thanks.

    1. The dress is from a book called Stylish Dress Book- one of those Japanese ones, where you have to draft the pattern.

    2. Thank you. That is probably a bit beyond my skill set, but I love the dress and I bet it will be a fun one to wear.

  13. I know that feeling! All too well, in fact. Fortunately, my days of sewing bridal wear are far behind me. Quilts and lifestyle projects are so much more relaxing!

  14. What a great variety there! All lovely.

  15. I am sure the bride appreciated the work on the dress. It looks lovely, zipper or not. Yes, if you can sew stretchy, beaded tulle, you can sew a T-shirt!

  16. Oh my yes, you have been sewing! Such nice things here, including the wedding dress. What an honor to be asked to sew it, but I too would probably have thrown in the towel because of the stretchy stuff. You're a smart sewist to know when something is beyond your skills. Happy to see you making clothes though, and the mat under the lamp is perfect. Keep up the good work on the many things you do very well!

  17. Wow . . . such a diversity of projects. The wedding dress is beautiful. I can't imagine getting it to that point and don't blame you at all for handing it off to someone else for the zipper.


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