Saturday, November 5, 2016

Recent Acquisitions ...

Would you like to see what I have added to my 


over the last few days?

Firstly what I bought on my Tassie Trek...

I love this cute "Thicket" panel by Moda!
from Esme's Patchwork in Launceston

I didn't realise one of these was a Cotton & Steel!
from Wells Crafts in Latrobe

Where I had a lovely chat with Jess
from Frangipani Fabrics in Hobart

I bought the tin because I loved it. I was happy to have it filled with fudge though....

I won a fabulous giveaway from Red Pepper quilts some time back....

from Little Crafty Shop, so I stocked up in some 


But I have saved the best til last!

My sweet friend Elizabeth sent me this surprise 


I am joining her in a new bee next year, called the 


I guess I'd better get sewing, because I have just been to a destash sale.....

You should see what I got there!

Happy days!



  1. Lovely! I must admit to a little envy when I see your purchases!And i like the ones you chose from winning the give-away!

  2. How fun that you can remember your Tassie holiday from different fabrics that you bought in different places :-)

  3. Fabulous buys Suz, love what you have chosen.

  4. I think those picks would have attracted me as well. Have fun with them!

  5. So many great additions! And I really love that panel. I'm looking forward to seeing all your upcoming projects.

  6. What great 'souvenirs' of your holiday...gorgeous fabrics!

  7. Awesome haul! I saw your market finds too, what a win! Those mermaids are just so gorgeous. It looks like your Tassie trip was a success from all angles - the sites, the food and the supporting of local businesses :)

  8. Super Wow, I love all of your purchases, out of all the fabrics you purchased I only have two, the Cotton + Steel prints of course. Those lace zippers are so you, one of the things I admire about the zippy pouch you made me, is the way the scallop fabric was placed along the zipper to create a lace effect. I can see why you bought them. Now thanks to you, I'm going to look for the panel, I saw it before but they were sold out and some of those other prints are so yummy. Glad you're back from holiday, can't wait to see what you will be making.

  9. Your stash is looking rather wonderful!! Why will the bee be called the Gridsters?

    1. Because we love the grid--working both in and out of it.

  10. Looks like some great acquisitions there! And nice that you're going to be in a new bee. Good for you! And that explains why you're dropping out of the Four-in-Art group. You're still going to be a busy quilter!

  11. Wow--such fun to have all those fabrics to jog your memory of your Tassie Trip. You were able to enjoy gorgeous scenery, a change of pace/place AND get fabrics. Sounds like win-win! Glad you are in the Gridsters -- it will be a fun group, I think.

  12. I would have bought that tin just because I loved it too. Nice fabrics, Susan!

  13. I have had my eye on that Thicket panel, and the co-ordinates are good too... but have maintained my control (so far). Although I'm not sure I could have passed up all of the new goodies you have selected. Talk about yummo, and look at that lacey zip! I love your photos of your travels away, and especially that pic of the Big Penguin. I bet that freaks people out. I really enjoyed reading about your Depression inspired piece, it was beautiful as well as meaningful (love the matchstick quilting).

  14. You made some lovely purchases. And I noticed you have 2 C&S prints in your haul.


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