Sunday, September 18, 2016

Smooth Sailing

I have just started my long service leave...

132 days of time away from work,

just for me!

It's what I'm calling my Retirement Rehearsal!

Seen on my morning walk.
We have no big overseas trips planned, because I 

know we won't be able to afford those when we 


So I'm just planning lots of little things to do to fill 

my days...

like lots of sewing!

I've come back to these, 

to make the "O Christmas Tree Quilt"

as my preferred evening sewing...

At the workshop with Wendy Williams earlier in the 

year, she shared some of her tips.....

like putting the fabric 'flower' under the felt 


using pistil stitch and colonial knots....

Better to hide the fabric than make a wonky applique one!

and this pretty orange stitch (below)

 I can't remember how to do it, 

or even what its called!

The other tip she had, which I have tried to adhere 

to, was to cut all the scraps into circles before 

storing them for future use!

And I will be re-familiarising myself with 

Elizabeth's posts over at Occasional Piece!

She hosted a quilt-a-long earlier in the year

and shared some of her pretty fabric with me!

And for those who asked the last time I posted

 this picture:

Kits are now available from Wendy's website here.

Happy sewing!



  1. "Retirement rehearsal" sounds quite theatrical. I'm sure you will not have any problems filling your days with fun and beauty. You are certainly off to a great start with all your felt circles!

  2. I've been "rehearsing" for about 5 years now. I highly recommend it :) Love the colorful circles and stitches.

  3. How excited for you to be on sabbatical! I already think you're an over-producer when it comes to sewn and quilt-y things, so I can't imagine how many more lovely finishes we'll be seeing! I'm very happy for you to be in this time of your life. You'll probably find it a bit difficult to REALLY adjust to slowing down, but after a couple weeks, I bet you'll have to remind yourself what day of the week it is! I'm wishing you many happy hours of pleasure-filled days, including working on this Christmas tree quilt. Have fun!

  4. So happy you get a break--your retirement rehearsal! I love the tips about putting "donuts" on top of the appliqué, rather than trying to wonkily sew it down (which happened to me a couple of times). Thanks for reminding people about the Quilt-A-Long; I hope to get my quilt done some time soon. Enjoy!

  5. Sounds like a wonderful plan you have for your lsl. I took 6 months leave at half pay in the lead up to my retirement and it was such a relaxing time knowing that I was never going back, even when the leave finished 😃

  6. What a great time of year to practice your retirement. I am sure you will find lots to keep yourself occupied. Not too much housework though. Mum has taken up going to the gym, knitting hats for newborns, meals on wheels, croquet gold and is now talking about joining a garden club.

    Enjoy your leave - look forward to hearing about your adventures and new interests.

  7. Wow! Enjoy the time off ♥

  8. I love your felt Christmas tree project - it is going to be beautiful! Enjoy your well earned break!

  9. A great start to your lovely long break.

  10. Looks like those days are going to just fly bye. Good thing you are off to a fine start.

  11. Have a wonderful LSL!! Hope you get lots of sewing and socialising done.

  12. I do love your plans for your Retirement Rehearsal. It does look like a lot of fun!! It is exciting to see all your felt flowers, too. And, yes, I have been remembering to cut up all my little circles as I go. I still haven't decided exactly which design I will make mine into yet, but I do have the Christmas one on my list, too. Enjoy!

  13. Yay for retirement rehearsal! Next time I am in Melbourne, you won't be working. Coffee? (No travel dates yet.)
    I am getting even more excited about the Wendy Williams class from seeing your creations. I think it is only about two weeks away.

  14. I hope you really enjoy your long service leave, good timing with the new grandchild nearby too!


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