Tuesday, September 27, 2016


Eli is certainly growing....


I tested a Halloween block for Nadra....

for her new Creepy Critters quilt pattern.

And have been working on my 

Chuck Nohara blocks...

This one still needs to be stitched...

I'm still contemplating the best way to tackle it?

And I finally got these 'mug rugs' out of the

 WIPs pile!

Have you worked on something fun this week?

Happy days!



  1. When there's a photo of the cute and adorable Eli quilt blocks take second place ha! But all these blocks are are cute too

  2. Eli is gorgeous. As for that new Chuck block, tackle it very carefully and have wine or chocolate on hand for if it goes wrong.

  3. Eli is so cute! And your Chuck Nohara blocks look so wonderful! I love the perfect stitching of the first one and am happy, that I don't have to stitch this second one... ;-) But I'm sure you'll manage it - you have such perfect sewing skills!!!

  4. Very cute, both Eli & your blocks.

  5. It looks like it was a good week. Look at that beautiful little smile!!!

  6. Well look at all the things you're getting done! It's lovely to call your time your own, isn't it? And that little Eli is a doll. I'm sure you're managing to dole out a little time with him too. Keep enjoying!

  7. I think the best way to tackle those Chuck blocks would be early in the morning with a clear head. You will need all your concentration!

  8. Eli is so adorable! Again anything you make always has the most perfect fabric combinations and your piecework is amazing. I would love to be a fly in your sewing room so I can see your stash and how it's organized. Since I haven't seen your last few posts and I am a subscriber, I re-subscribe but was told that I couldn't. I'll just keep checking your blog because I sew vicariously through you.

  9. Eli really has grown!! Such a cutie!! I love all the things youre working on Suz, How many Chuck Nohara blocks have you made so far?

  10. Eli is looking wonderful. What a lovely smile!
    Good to see you getting in some sewing. Love the pumpkin and the curves on the other block look challenging. You can do it!

  11. Darling smile on your grandson Eli--how lucky you are to have him close by! I'm working on my last Chuck block for September, too. I'm determined to have it done by tomorrow. So, how many more are we making? I saw that you had fewer than I did to make, and I wondered if that's because you worked ahead, and I need to catch up? Or is it because of a planned layout you've got going and that 13 is all you need. Do tell.
    :) Elizabeth


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