Friday, September 30, 2016

Piecing it together...

On my last post, I showed you this...

I thought I'd share how I went about it.

I did hand piece it, slowly...

much like an Ohio Star, on-point....

 with curves!

Even the back is interesting to see the way the 

seams behave!

And here are all my September blocks together!

And the ones we've chosen for October...

Although I'm not sure I'll do the pumpkin...

Halloween is not significant to me, here in Australia.

Happy sewing! 



  1. I really like that block and the way it went together. Aw, go on with the pumpkin. Halloween wasn't heard of when I first came to Japan and weeks before we reach October, the stores are full of Halloween stuff ... besides, that is my birthday. (Yes, I am an old bat)!

  2. That came together so well. October's blocks look quite challenging.

  3. slow and steady always does the job. i really like your fabric choices in this block. the next round of blocks looks fun. i wonder what you'll do instead of the pumpkin. excuse my lack of capitals, i'm typing one-handed while i'm waiting on the phone.

  4. Those blocks sure look challenging. Have to admit the pumpkin is not doing it for me either. Have fun with the others.

  5. Well done on all those curves. The blocks all look great.
    Maybe do the pumpkin without the face?

  6. What if you changed the pumpkin to a kiwi? Love everything that you make.

  7. Your handwork is lovely, Susan. This project is really coming together. Honestly, I'm not a fan of Halloween either, and though it's assumed that Americans celebrate that holiday, many of us do not. It's only companies marketing Halloween that really foist it on us. Hate that. But then, I also hate that Christmas is already being mentioned in advertising. Really?! It's still September for goodness sake! Keep up your lovely work. You're very talented.

  8. I like the old-fashioned Halloweens the best, not the new glossy ones that Linda mentioned, so I guess that's why I chose it. I love how yours came together, and I agree--sometimes hand-piecing these blocks is the best way!

  9. Lovely blocks, Susan. Who chose all the hand-pieced curves this month? You or Elisabeth?

  10. Hi Suz,wow i love your blocks they look very hard to make,you have done a beautiful job,hope your day is a good one .

  11. Love your Chuck Nohara block, I've got the book and now I'm done with the three tops I did for the Gwennie inspired medallion QAL I may jump into this pool!


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