Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Yes, it's me!

This is what has kept me busy...

Margaret Court Arena

No, not playing tennis but acting as patron services 

for the Australian Open.

I have seen very little of Miss Juki these last few 


She has had her yearly holiday service,

and helped me put this together-

The five siggy blocks from my

MCM Bee buddies have 

formed part of the backing for my 

Modern Amish quilt.

I intend to write the names of the other 

block makers

in lighter coloured sections of the star block.

I'll be back on the weekend with my first 

"Four-in-Art" mini quilt.

Have I bitten off more than I can chew?



  1. Worth not using your machine to be there, did you get to see any of the big games though?

  2. I laughed at your 'more than you can chew' comment, as I am feeling just the same. I will look forward to seeing your quilt very much:-)

  3. I can't wait to see your mini! I'm sure your time away from the machine has given your creativity the breathing space for coming up with lots of colorful, fun ideas for 2015.

  4. I'm looking forward to all the reveals on the first. It will be fun to see how everyone interprets the theme. I really enjoyed participating in the Four-in-Art group last year but admit I'm glad I'm not under the gun to get another quilt done right now. Enjoy the tennis. Do you get to actually see a lot of the play?

  5. Lucky you being at the tennis. I've watching copious amounts of it on TV. We are 2 hours ahead in NZ so I've been up til midnight most nights watching the evening feature match. Andy Murray last night, Venus Williams the night before etc etc. I hope you have a great time there. The quilting will still be there next week, but the tennis wont!

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  7. what luck! ..... me to see the games live .... I have to stay awake at night ...... but when you love ..... you make sacrifices!

    Françoise (Italy)

  8. Whenever I hear about the tennis I think of you there. It's great you have nice weather this year, not the usual 40degrees. The four in art mini challenge sounds interesting.

  9. Hope you've been enjoying yourself at the tennis. Love you big star block.

  10. Yay, glad to see you're back! I've been checking. Modern Amish is coming along nicely!

  11. I watched a special on a Chinese player this past Sunday and thought of you there. I hope you've been enjoying it...looks like, with your jacket, that at least it wasn't super hot. I'm anxious to see your 4inArt quilt, Suz!

  12. I do hope you had a good time at the tennis and were lucky enough to get the cooler days.
    Great backing!!

  13. I too have thought of you any time I've heard mention of tennis these holidays, and realise that even though I look, it's highly unlikely I'll find you on the TV screen! Look Susan, I know you are not a spring chicken anymore... we're friends enough that I can say that, right? - but I'm sure that you have a fine set of teeth! You can chew through anything you set your mind to! Both kids back at school today - can you hear the peace and quiet!

  14. How fun Susan! We have really enjoyed watching the tennis over the last couple of weeks :-)

  15. Wow, what an opportunity. You must be having an absolute ball. I will make it to the Australian Open one day. I should, it's only 5 hours drive away. Definitely well worth the break from sewing. Hope you get to see a few matches while you're there. Enjoy Suz. :)

  16. How fun! Is it cool there? I noticed the jacket...cute.... by-the-way! I can't wait to see the mini! ;)

  17. Did I forget to send a signature block?? Oh no! Your quilt is going to spectacular!

  18. ACK--did I not send a signature block? (woe is me).
    I love that you show us this photo of the Open, as it makes the event more real to me. I love the back of that quilt--so amazing.



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