Friday, January 16, 2015


that stands for Itty Bitty Block Book!

About 3 years ago I belonged to a Flick'r group 

where we made and traded 3.5" 'themed' blocks....

"Pirate" theme
This week I decided it was time to make something 

with them!

I initially thought I'd make mini quilts, but really 

I have enough of these....

Polaroid Calendars
Four years ago I made a fabric "Colour" book for a 

friend's little girl...

So that's what I have made this time!

I bordered sets of four blocks with an inch of fabric,

sandwiched them with some batting,

made a patchwork cover...

And voila!

An Itty Bitty Block Book!

The detail in some of these blocks is amazing.

Here are some of the "Black and White" set 

and "Pirates",  

 and "Bird Houses"....

With a fabric square to make up the numbers!

I don't have a recipient in mind for this.

It is so pretty, I might just have to keep it myself!

Happy sewing!



  1. You definitely need to keep this for a future grandchild

  2. What a great way to use those blocks. I would have been stumped. It will be a lovely book for a little one ... one day!

  3. This is such a wonderful way to use those beautiful blocks! I hope you keep it for future visiting children.

  4. This is so fantastic, a great idea for those tiny blocks! (And they are so awesome! This must have been a wonderful swap!) Great work!

  5. Great idea! Love it and it must be so fun to flip through.
    Love those birdhouse blocks!

  6. That is a great idea. Those blocks are fabulous.

  7. Love the idea for such small theme blocks...

  8. This is adorable. Love the idea.

  9. This is one amazing book - so much detail. It will be a treasure trove for someone special, maybe one to keep at your place for one-day grandchildren to enjoy when they visit.

  10. Wow! What a great idea! Such fantastic blocks and I need to keep it! Perfect for a grandchild :)

  11. This is a very special way to showcase your special tiny blocks. What a great treasure.

  12. what a fantastic way of keeping those special blocks all together. It must bring you lots of happy memories looking through it.

  13. What a fun swap that must have been. Did everyone make lots of blocks the same to give away or lots different?
    A picture book seems like the perfect way to keep them. Adorable.

  14. Those blocks are adorable! The imagination in each of them is wonderful. I'm glad you finished these into a book, and don't you dare give it away! You'll be so glad to have it for those someday grandchildren. I can already picture you sitting on the sofa with a hub on your lap, showing the pictures... and teaching a little guy to say "Arrrgh" like a pirate.

  15. I"m in awe of those teeny blocks and all that detail!! You might as well start planning ahead with a grandie's hope chest!!

  16. Wow that is an amazing creation!!! First off the 3.5" blocks are so detailed on that tiny scale! Wow! And I just love how you made them into a quiet book! Maybe I'll try to make something like that for my little one coming in a few months. I have a lot of Polaroids left over from a swap too. That would be a good way to use them. I ordered some knit fabric last month to make her gowns so we'll see if I ever get around to that...

  17. It's just darling! So much detail in every block : )

  18. This is such a special project. Yes, KEEP it!!!

  19. You are so clever to think of this! I love the idea of making a book of blocks, for really, they can be much better seen when sitting close by them, holding them in your hands like a . . . book! I'm with Cindy--keep this!


  20. Wow! This is fantastic, Susan. I would want to keep it to share with young visitors, not give it away. It's amazing! Such a clever idea.


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