Thursday, July 31, 2014

Here's one I prepared earlier-

I have only been home for about 36 hours....

and knew jetlag (zzzzz.....) would hit me!

So I prepared "August",

way back in June!

It's been perfect weather for watching television, 

listening to music, playing cards

and eating chocolate, of course!

And here is the 'Winter Season' set...

with Spring very much anticipated!

Happy sewing!



  1. I'm glad you returned home safely. These are looking great.

  2. Welcome home! I really love this idea and your finished product.

  3. Very sweet Susan. Welcome home too!

  4. Very sensible planning. They all look great.
    Welcome home.And keep warm!!

  5. Welcome home, it's been fun following your trip on IG. Hope the re-acclimitisation isn't too tough!

  6. I love your Winter trio. You are so right that its perfect weather for watching TV, and listening to music etc.

  7. Jetlag is yucky. I hope you feel OK.
    I can feel spring is getting closer. My bluebells are sprouting and I have a few jonquils in bloom already, but I am still rugged up in front of the telly and eating chocky.

  8. How organized you are...and back to school I imagine!


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