Friday, July 18, 2014

Really Random..the French version!

Are you sick of all my holiday snaps yet?

Just like Melbourne trams, just more efficient!

I'm not offended if you don't go any further....

We saw an art exhibition curated by Cheech Marin here
If you are interested,

Porte Cailhau

these are from Bordeaux...

the weather was terrible!

And from the Dordogne...

The Mr. canoeing on the river!

the weather was amazing!

Dare I say, 36C is a little hot...

to do too much!

Happy days!



  1. I could never tire of beautiful photos of France. It's great to see you had such a lovely trip, even if the weather wasn't always perfect. It's certainly a contrast to Melbourne temperatures.

  2. It looks like you are having a blast!
    Cheech as in Cheech and Chong? Now that is a blast from the past!

  3. Oh, I'm thoroughly enjoying the photos of your trip, Susan! Stay cool and safe travels.

  4. Oh, I'm thoroughly enjoying the photos of your trip, Susan! Stay cool and safe travels.

  5. Not too many photos, you silly.....please post more!! What a wonderful trip you are having! I got my postcard yesterday....I feel so special. Thank you!

  6. Thank you for sharing your photos I may never see in person! Lovely.

  7. Keep the photos coming! Love them!

  8. who could get bored of such beautiful pictures ? Loving the colours too .. shame about the weather being so awful!!! lol

  9. I think you have a great time here in Europe :-) Enjoy it!

  10. No, I will never be sick of seeing your holiday snaps. Crossing my fingers that it's not too hot, not too cold there for the next few weeks. I'm glad the weather improved for you, even though it got up to 36C. Looks like you are having a fabulous time.

  11. No, never tire of European holiday snaps - particularly France!!

  12. Oh gosh! I can't see enough! The flowers are amazing! And who knew, Cheech and Chong....hmmmmm.

  13. I'm definitely not tired of seeing your beautiful photos!!! I've never been to France and your pictures have me itching to go. Such beauty! Love the photograph of the wildflowers.

  14. We're just back from France today :) can't get enough of it. Really all I want to do is to return... Though I'd have to bring my sewing machine this time...

  15. I MUST go to Bordeaux! I loved your photos and certainly the fun ones of you paddling on the river with your Mr.

    Keep them coming!

    P.S. I put a Flickr post up about next year's Four-in-Art theme. Since you are the newest--want to go up in February 2015, choosing the Challenge? We'll sort of figure it all out in November of this year, so no rush. (And that's when we'll announce the Theme and the Challenge.)

  16. I'm soooo behind on blogs but had to stop in here, I love seeing people's holiday pics!!


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