Friday, February 15, 2013

Back into the rhythm...

 The school term is over two weeks old,

and Summer holidays a dim, distant memory....

even though the temperatures say otherwise!

On a 
couple of afternoons a week,

 I get to spend an hour 

or two at the machine...

making bee blocks 

for Cindy...

or putting together a dress for my sister.....

This is an excellent pattern - easy to follow, well 

constructed and an accurate fit!

It's the third time I have made it, so it must be good!

Evenings after dinner are spent 

EPP, appliqueing or hand piecing!

These are the pieces ready for the next round of 

"Museum Medallion".

There is alway plenty to do!

Happy sewing!



  1. I think your spending your time very wisely.

  2. I agree there's always something to do! You're certainly up to some wonderful things in your sewing room!! I love those bee blocks!!

  3. These are lovely bee blocks. great colours.
    Usually we have had a near 40 day in the week that school returns. I think the weather has been reasonably kind -- so far.

  4. Lovely bee blocks, I really love that design. Tassie has been hot too (for us anyway!) Always happens when school goes back here!

  5. Oh gosh I love those bee blocks, they are fabulous. Sounds like you are keeping yourself very busy.
    You have our weather, I'm not sure that I want it back. It's in the low 20s here today and raining. I could do without the rain but the cooler temps are nice.

  6. Those bee blocks are lovely! Seems like you're still managing to get plenty of sewing done, despite being busy.

  7. I have relatives in Melbourne and in Perth - the westerly ones have really been struggling with the heat lately.

    Those hst's in the bee blocks look tiny! Very neatly done, missus!

  8. Always something to do! Oh, you are so correct! Love your bee blocks...I don't know about you but I am now smitten with this block. How sweet of you to make a dress for your sister! All beautifully done :) I can't wait to see that Medallion!

  9. look at all of those HST! So perfect! And I'm glad to see you like that pattern. I've had my eye on it several times so I think I'll try that too!

  10. Those bee blocks are CUTE! What pattern is that?

  11. Oh you and your lovely weather and lovely sewing!

  12. I love your bee blocks and made a sketch of the design.

  13. You are such a busy bee, my dear! I always love your projects and can't believe how productive you are even with school on. Stay in that air conditioning and keep on sewing!!

  14. So nice to spend some time doing something you love - your HST bee blocks look fabulous!

  15. Love your blocks and that dress looks gorgeous! Taking orders??

  16. So you made two for Cindy? Am I supposed to do that too? I only sent off one, so I hope that's right.

    I love your Cindy-blocks. It will be fun to see what she does with this. All of the swaps/bees I've participated in have sent me half good blocks and half "what will I do with these? blocks." I'm looking forward to my month because I know with this group I'll get ALL winners.

    I've been in school for six weeks--one-third of the way through and I feel like I've been pulling the students up the hill the whole time. Their first paper comes in next week--then I'll be grading grading. Good luck with yours!


  17. It sounds like you have settled into your regular routine. Those are sure nice blocks.

  18. Lovely sewing projects! I really love the bee blocks :)
    Helen x

  19. Wow thats hot!
    Liking the look of the medallion fabrics x

  20. You've been busy! Love those two bee blocks for Cindy. Did I miss something? Are we supposed to make two of them for her? The dress is adorable. You make me want to sew clothes. I have a skirt waiting to be made.


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