Sunday, February 24, 2013

A Peek at my Week......

An amazing, surprise gift arrived from my blogging 

friend, Di!

She is a talented and generous lady, that one!

Thank you Di- I love it all!

I've done a little sewing....

hoping for a reveal this week!

A healthy breakfast at the Fair Foodstore....

the boiled eggs are served in the cardboard carton.

How cute!

Mr PnP and I went two concerts this week.

Norah Jones at the Plenary in Melbourne...

passing the barque "Polly Woodside" on the way.

And Glenn Fry, a member of the Eagles....

(Not sure how this shows up...I might need to delete 


What did you get up to this week?



  1. I like your surprise, one made of and including fabric!

    Looking forward to seeing your quilt reveal.

  2. Video works a treat.
    Lovely gift from and for lovely ladies x

  3. Isn't it fun to see your week in pictures? I always love seeing what you get up to. xo

  4. Beautiful pictures. I love the peak of patchwork.

  5. I've got a peaceful, easy feelin' just looking at your fun week, Suz!! ;) Can't wait for the full reveal of that quilt!

  6. I love the glimpse at your week - and surprise gifts from bloggy friends are the best :-)

  7. I would love to see Norah Jones ; ) I like your project. I think I recognize the blocks.

  8. A week full of good things! I hope your coming week is just as fun filled.

  9. I like Norah, how was she?
    I also love dippy eggs yum x

  10. 2 concerts in one week! I bet Norah was wonderful. It's nice to know the Polly Woodside is still there, I remember seeing it on a school exersion when I was in primary school. Great to see you quilting your beautiful quilt. How fun to get your eggs in the carton.

  11. Such a fabulous week! Love the cute pouch and I remember going to visit the Polly Woodside on a school excursion many years ago.

  12. What a great week you've had. You can't go wrong with lovely surprises from friends.

  13. What fun highlights of your week! I can't wait for the reveal!!

  14. Well, I think your week beat my week! What a nice gift from Di! And how lucky are you to have gone to two wonderful concerts!!! Wow!

  15. Nora Jones...sounds like a great show. Glad you are getting some sewing done.

  16. It was fun to see Nora Jones on the Oscar broadcast tonight, and to think that she was in Melbourne this week! I've been working on my EPP, but as usual, you are far ahead of me! I'm glad to see you machine quilting on yours because that's what I want to go, even if the whole thing is hand-pieced.

    Carry on!
    Elizabeth E.

  17. Sounds like a great week! That pouch is lovely, and I can't wait to see your finished almost a rainbow quilt.

  18. Cool! A super Di present. You're so lucky :)

  19. I might try the eggs in a crton idea, no washing up afterwards.
    I hope you enjoyed the concerts.
    The bag is very cool, love the deer with glasses and loving that your quilting that gorgeous quilt.

  20. Lovely gift and lucky you!
    And two great concerts as well!


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