Monday, January 7, 2013

Further Adventures of Herman, the Seam Ripper!

I trust that 2013 doesn't prove to be the Year of the 

Seam Ripper!

Herman is cute, I admit!

(a bit more about him to come....) 

But he and I have a turbulent relationship!

Take, for example our recent run-in!

This was meant to be the top right 'corner'!

I am nearing the finish of my major EPP project....

(previously known as "Jazz Hands"

-never liked the name- 

but now known as "Nearly a Rainbow")

and was putting half blocks together with full ones, 


I discovered that my half block wasn't really a half 


Ugh! (I have had that problem before!)

Needless to say Herman has being doing his job 


Now I have a right angled corner!

Ah, that's better!

Now onto the next three!

Happy days!


PS: A number of followers were wondering where I got Herman (named after my German grandfather).  My LQS, where I bought him has now closed down, so after some googling and research
I found an online store!
"Little Quilt Store" in Queensland, make them!
Go here to buy your very own Herman!


  1. Nearly a rainbow is much more appropriate.

  2. Cutest seam ripper ever! Hopefully you and Herman can take a break from each other. hehe

  3. Oh dear, you give those tools names and they begin to think they can take over!

  4. Nearly A Rainbow sounds great and looks great.
    Hope there's not too much more seam ripping to happen!

  5. Hee hee! I have a Herman! I am so sorry about the half block. Yikes! I hope Herman had his hands over his ears!

  6. I think every sewist/quilter needs a beloved seam ripper. My favorite is a surgical seam ripper with a curve. I ruined mine by trying to clean thread off of the vacuum beater bar and have been desperately tryine to find a replacement. They are on back order, supposedly. glad you were able to fix your quilt.

  7. Me and my seam ripper are best friends, but mine is not nearly as cute as yours. The quilt top is going to be stunning, and that was just the sort of Ooops I would make at the corner.

  8. I like your Nearly a Rainbow. Hope the other halves behave! I so loathe having to use a seam ripper that I would never deign to name mine!!

  9. OMG Herman comes from my neck of the woods. I didn't even know that shop existed. I'll have to pop on down there to check it out.I love my seam ripper but it's not nearly as cute as Herman.
    Bummer about the half block, at least you worked it out on the first one and not until the last.

  10. That Herman, he's pretty talented, and good at cleaning up those corners. Nice job!

  11. I think I will invest in some kind of fancy ripper once I get my scrappytriplong finished!!

    Love the Nearly a Rainbow xxx

  12. Your Nearly a Rainbow is more than nearly beautiful! The colors are great against those dotty backgrounds. EPP is a bit slow-going for my taste, so I don't do it anymore. Do you change thread colors for every piece, as I was taught to do? And make teeny, close-together hand-stitches?

  13. Nearly a Rainbow is such a great name, its great to see it coming together. Funny about the half hexie... how annoying. Thanks for the link, I've wondered where I could get one of those cute little unpickers, I sure do need one.

  14. Nearly a Rainbow is looking great! I love that you named your seam ripper - I think I need to get something cute like yours. Then maybe I will have better feelings towards it...


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